The employment laws of the UK

According to the employment laws of the UK, the employee’s are eligible to receive a statement of employment details. This document provides the manner in which the employee can enforce his right in the organisation during his stay in the organisation. The statement of employment should provide details regarding:- • The pay that is provided to the employee • The working hours, breaks, leaves, sick leave and holidays • The terms and conditions for termination of services

• The conditions under which disciplinary action would be taken • Manner in which disputes can be resolved (BERR, 2008) Under the usual employment procedures, when an employee meets the employer certain terms and conditions would be agreed upon by both the parties. When the employee joins the employer and begins working for him, it is implied that the employee has accepted the terms and conditions placed forth by the employer.

The terms and conditions may also be orally agreed upon by both the parties, but under the UK employment laws, the employees have to be given a written statement which contains details regarding rights, obligations, pay, working hours, general terms and conditions, holidays, breaks, terms and conditions for termination, terms and conditions for disciplinary actions and the manner in which disputes can be handled.

Every contract that is provided regarding employment needs to be appropriately covered by a statement. This statement would be providing evidence even if needed in a court of law in which disputes need to be resolved (BERR, 2008).