Employee Resourcing

The Case Study is about a leading Software company “Trilogy Enterprises Inc. ” based in USA. Trilogy Enterprises Inc. with a history of eight-years, is a provider in software solutions on sales and performance to giant global firms. Trilogy has additional offices in Bangalore and Hangzhou. Its clients include Ford Motor Company, Daimler-Chrysler, Nissan, Goodyear, Prudential, Travelers Insurance, Gateway and IBM. Their business approach and culture is very different from other competitors. Examples of their different culture are; no dress code, flexible working hours and spending lavishly on the recruitment process.

Around 700, mostly young employees work under Trilogy and its Director of college recruiting Mr. Jeff Daniel expects the employees to “commit their expertise and vitality to everything they do”. Trilogy has an expensive and aggressive employee recruitment strategy that includes training at the company’s “Trilogy University. ” The new employees joined will undergo an intensive training program at their in-house training facility known as “Trilogy University”. Recruiters tend to select the ambitious, over achievers with entrepreneurial instincts from the campus recruitment method being the fresher’s in the job market.

Trilogy’s recruitment interviews are said to be very intense at the same time an interview day will end with lot of adventure and fun activities for both recruiters and interviewers, which makes a strong bond between new comers and the managers. For Trilogy recruiting is not just a high priority — it’s a company-wide mission. Its mission is to recruit the best of the best?. For that reason Trilogy uses very costly recruiting techniques: The Company spent $13,000 per hire with 262 college graduates were selected from short listed 4000 candidates, and this short listing was from 15000 applications!

Q1. Identify some of the established recruiting techniques that underlie Trilogy’s unconventional approach to attracting talent? The company Trilogy, aggressively pursues the least experienced people in the job market. At many college campuses island wide, in career fairs and computer-science departments, looking for students who represent what Daniel calls “whom are expected to totally commit their expertise and vitality in everything they do”. In other words, he looks for young, talented over achievers with entrepreneurial ambition – people.

The top managers, including CEO of the company, conduct the first round of inter views, letting all applicants know that it would be hard, but rewarding experience. Then, the top recruits with their significant others, fly to Austin for three- day preliminary visit, where they experience a sequence of interviews, followed by fun activities, like mountain biking, roller blading , or laser tag, etc. The training facility at the company’s “Trilogy University?. This is an intense few weeks training, that helps to select and chose Great People.

Intense but training is given in a short time where info is delivered as if with a “fire hose”. Trilogy uses many approaches and methods to attract talented people. Responsibility is heavy and given at a very early stage, that “just-do-it-now” spirit gives Trilogy a recruiting edge against its more established rivals. “Liemandt the Founder and CEO himself adds to the company’s attraction. Aged 43 now, One of the youngest members of the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, he remains a surprisingly down-to-earth guy –in Daniel’s words, “the most unassuming $600 million man you’ll ever meet.

” he wears jeans and tennis shoes to work, lives in an apartment without a TV, drives a Saturn, dines at Wendy’s, and gets his hair trimmed at Supercuts. In many ways, he’s a regular Joe. Yet he’s also accomplished what many of the hot shots drawn to Trilogy only dream of doing: He has taken a great idea and turned it into a successful company. Q2. What particular elements of Trilogy’s culture most likely to appeal to the kind of employees it seeks? How does it convey those elements to job prospects? i.

Flexible hours of working make the Employers have a balanced work and personal life, employees make their own hours and often very long. This improves work which employers can stay for longer hours to complete their work and when they have less work get them relaxed and spend time with their family. The relaxed mind will also give way to creative ideas which would improve work. ii. There is no dress code, therefore employees feel less stress and they are more comfortable. With less stress, the analyzing and design part would bring better results. iii.

In most organizations when there are no proper induction training, Trilogy is more ahead and advanced being providing intense training for fresh recruits with their own training facility. With this kind of a intensive training program all the new employees have a strong understanding what the company Vision/ Mission and what objectives to be achieved iv. Trilogy employees socialize together even at work using a well stocked kitchen, which also reduces the stress and make the work enjoyable. Hard work requires that the work be fun, that it support friendship.

v. Most of the staff being very young and average age is 26, who often pursue their work and carrier goals is a challenging environment where knowledge can be easily shared. vi. Trilogy employees have the “Just do it now” attitude, which makes them their own bosses to make up their time and complete work. And the culture is such every employee is passionate on what they do. vii. The Top managers fly to distant places in searching for the right candidates. The company beliefs that the employees are core asset of the organization.

Starting from the job interview, the top managers are personally interactive with the new recruits, which make a strong bond between top managers and all staff and less communication gaps. viii. Company spends USD 13,000/- per hire, and to select 262 out of 15000 job applicants. The selected would obviously feel the pressure and enjoyment to be selected to such a reputed firm. And the selected employee would definitely give his maximum to compete and be recognized among the equally skilled peers. Q3. Would Trilogy be an appealing employer for you? Why or why not?

If not, what would it take for you to accept a job offer from Trilogy? Yes, for me, Trilogy is a very interesting organization to work for. A software company being in business for eight years with an employee base of 700 is a good indicator of the sustainability of Trilogy will be a major factor in deciding to seek and accept a job offer from Trilogy. Sustainability will provide more job security, which is a convincing factor in any company to attract applicants for employment. Trilogy provides in house training and development programs to its employees are another convincing factor for job offer acceptance.

Company explains to its employees, very clear goals and objectives, and provides them with training, that gives certain knowledge and skills to achieve them. Trillogy rewards people who performs well, this is true from the wordings of the Director of recruiting “people who are passionate on what they do will thrive”, would love to join such an organization with an increment rewards and carrier development for passionate employees. Employees have all the freedom, the flexibility they want in the way they do their job.

Flexible working hours makes the employee decide on when to start work and when to complete by working for longer hours. This gives them the opportunity to plan their personal life activities. The employee decides what to wear to work with the company has no restriction on attire or dress code. Working in a software company can be very stressful as writing- analyzing user requirements, design, implementation, testing, and evaluation. Flexibility in dress code and work hours eases out the stress, thereby increases the level of creativeness.

They are free to use their own judgments, and that gives you a sense of control. Socialized culture and mostly a young crowd is another intriguing factor to join this company. Employees are provided with company sponsored events like local dance clubs to trips to places like retreats in Hawaii and Las Vegas which is normally very expensive for a normal employee to afford. This would satisfy the social needs of the Employee at the same time uplifts the mental satisfaction which help brings out the creativeness. Then I would be able to provide more to the company

With a majority of employees are being “Generation Y”, there will be minimum conflicts between generation gaps. As the company employees fresh blood in from the campus level, new ideas are frequent to the Organization. I would naturally be interested to work with same age level employees and share the thoughts and experience in work life. A Software related Job is hard, but at the same time, fun and rewarding, for example if workers needs a break during work they can use the well stocked kitchen for refreshments, which is very motivating.

Q4. What suggestions would you make to Trilogy for improving its recruiting process? I believe that Trilogy has a very good recruitment strategy, because recruiters do all they can to find, attract and motivate the best recruits, regardless of the costs. However, there are few other methods that could be used along with their present recruitment techniques; i. Employee referrals. Studies of the recruiting process show that the best hires come from employee referrals.

Some companies have conducted an analysis of employee defection rates broken down by the recruiting methods used to bring in the employees in the first place. Current employees are usually realistic in the way they describe and do their job, and knowing the person they are referring, they can make a reasonable guess as to how well the person will fit into the job and culture. This method is cost-effective and, at the same time, motivating for current employees. One study showed first-year turnover rates as follows: 67 % for employees recruited from the competition