“Emotional Appeals”

Do advertisements manipulate the public? Advertisers use certain “Emotional Appeals” on advertisements; to captivate and provoke a sudden impulse on the consumer to buy the product. The sole purpose of this essay is to prove that advertisements do manipulate people. This is an advertisement of a piece of garment, but not just any garment it is a reviling swim suit from Michael Michael Kors. In the advertisement there is a slim, long legged woman wearing the swim suit; the setting is in an elevator it seems that the woman is stepping out of the elevator that is full of business men.

As she is leaving the elevator she is grabbing the men’s attention. Here the advertiser is using one of the many appeals in this case the one being used is the “Need for Attention”. This advertisement is stating buy the swim suit to look as slim and long legged as the model in the ad; it also magnifies that by using this swim suit it will be easy to grab any man’s attention. However, not every customer that purchases this garment is going to look as close to the model in the ad. We live in a diverse society where every woman has a different shape and size.

This advertisement is targeting to the customers who long for men’s attention. The second advertisement is a Biore cleanser product for the face. This product claims it removes 99% of dirt that cause blemishes. The ad has a close up of a pretty girls face. Half of her face is clean and smooth as for her other half it is cover with dirt and oils. The half of her face that is full of dirt has bold letterings that state “When you clean your face, be sure to get it really clean. ” Aesthetic is the emotional appeal being used in this ad.

Women all over the world want to always look their best; that is why many women purchase products that claim cleaner, smoother, and younger looking skin. Ads that sell aesthetic products make it seem that the product is not a want, but a need and necessity. The third advertisement is a Galaxy S cell phone by Samsung. This ad has a graphic design of a person’s hand. On the palm of that person’s hand, there is a silhouette of the phone. In the phone there is an image of a car being chase by the police. The ad gives a bird’s eye view of the product.

On the bottom of the image there are lettering introducing the product to the market. The words that stand out are the ones that are on top of the page which says, “Brilliant is a screen that makes cinema quality entertainment mobile”. In other words they are stating by purchasing this phone the customer will have a cinema at his or her finger tips at his or her disposal. Here the emotional appeal being used to persuade the public is the need for autonomy. The need for autonomy is the need to feel independent. What this ad is saying is do not just be independent have some integrity to.

Purchasing a phone may give the customer momentary happiness, but it does not make him or her independent. The last advertisement is a fragrance for women the brand is “Love Express”. In the ad we have a, tall, slim, beautiful, blond woman wearing a well fitted pink dress. She is surrounded by three good looking men. One of the guys is on his knees looking up into her face while stroking her leg. The guy on her left is just by her side and the men on her right side, his face is close to her neck with his eyes close. It seem as though he is taking in the smell of the fragrance.

Here the advertisers are luring in the public with the need to affiliate. This is the need to belong or fit in. The public lets advertisers cloud their judgment. By buying this product it does not guarantee you a sense of belonging into a crowed. The public must keep in mind that the product does not define the character of a person, what define us are our own actions. Overall, it is shocking to realize that advertisements use these types of tactics to tug at the emotions of the public. Clearly the information given here is enough evidence to confirm that consumers are being manipulated into purchasing certain products.