Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

At present, Elizabeth II is the Queen of the UK, the ‘Head of State’, however; not the ‘Head of British Government’. The existence of the monarchy is controversial. Some people think that monarchy has no necessity to exist, and it ought to be abolished as soon as possible. On the other hand, the opposition applies an opinion that the monarchy should be maintained because of its special value in the UK. People argue about these two viewpoints for a long time. The monarchy has litter power in Parliament and the most of powers, several years ago, owned by the monarchy are transformed to the Prime Minister recently.

In my opinion, the monarchy is like an adornment in the parliament. Even the ‘Queen’s Speech’, which is held in the House of Lords every year, is not written by the Queen; but rather is prepared by the Government (Lowe, C& Owen, V 2011). The Queen’s speech is just a flow path of annual parliamentary session, and has no influence and benefit on the Government if the Queen does not speak in the House of Lords annually. Furthermore, the monarchy costs the British taxpayers millions pounds and enjoys the extravagant life style every year.

Somebody estimated that the monarchy uses approximately 62p of each British adult annually (Allen, N 2008). In 2010, the Royal Family spent about twenty million dollars on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Besides, the security alone costed about 130 million dollars during the wedding (Palkot,G 2010). This wedding is the most expensive and luxurious among all the royal weddings so far (Shuter, R 2010). I believe the majority of Brits may feel unsatisfied because the royal family’s luxury life are provided by British taxpayers. In addition, the monarchy in the modern society is still very conservative.

They use hereditary principle to choose the King or Queen of the UK, and this method of choosing the leader of the country to run the country is antiquated and undemocratic (Walker,C 2009). Also, the hereditary principle cannot guarantee that inheritor is suitable for leading the country. Charles, the eldest son of Queen, will inherit the throne after Elizabeth II; however, his failed marriage and the royal family’s unconcern of Diana’s death let me doubt his family and his ability in dealing with the relationship among the citizens and being the head of state.

Moreover, the public’s support and respect is very important for the monarchy. Unfortunately, Diana’s death really influenced the support for the monarchy. Then the Queen and his family put more effort into gaining more supports from citizens such as being more approachable and amiable instead of unconcerned and distant than before. On the other hand, The monarchy still has particular value in the UK. First, it is the symbol of the UK. It represents the patriotism, unity, stability, harmony and prosperity of the UK (Sigelman, L & Mayer, J 1999).

The continuance of the monarchy is the respect for the history of the Britain because the monarchy inherits many traditional cultures and conventions such as the King or Queen, elegant ceremony and traditional coronation. Next, the Queen has the authority of encouragement, caution and advice to Prime Minister (Lowe, C& Owen, V 2011). In addition, when people mention the special politics system of the UK, the most popular topic is ‘Monarchy’. Every year, the Buckingham Palace attracts whole host of worldwide tourists and it boosts the UK economy efficiently.

Despite spending 20 million dollars on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2010, the monarchy also made a positive contribution to the nation. The great sensation of their wedding made the UK earn around ? 620 million which comes from tourism, jewelry, clothing and tasty food in the economy (Anderson,S 2011). After the wedding, Kate Middleton displayed her wedding dress which designed by a wellknown designer Sarah Burton at the Buckingham Palace, and her wedding gown attracted over 350 thousand worldwide visitors during six weeks (Administration, 2011).

Kind-hearted Prince and her wife distributed the part of money they earned from the exhibition to the charities (Administration, 2011). Meanwhile the monarchy does not have negative effects on the economy, politics, society and any other areas of Britain. The opinion polls shows that the Queen’s anniversaries and royal weddings usually enhance the rate of support for the monarchy (Lowe,C & Owen,V 2011). I believe most students and workers are very excited due to several days off in these special ceremonies. The disputation about the argument for and against the abolition of the monarchy last for many years.

People have various courses and opinions for or against the abolition of the monarchy. In my opinion, the monarchy should not be abolished. Since the government and the public has not decided to get rid of the monarchy so far, I believe it must own some special and convincing reasons for its maintenance. Also the graceful ladies and gentlemen in the UK are greatly famous in the world, and royal members are representatives of these ladies and gentlemen. They play important roles in dealing with the international relationship, and he Queen is used to being ceremonial in this country (Lowe,C & Oven, V 2011).

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