Elections Voting and Campaigns

Elections, Voting and Campaigns I. Why do they run? II. Who is eligible? III. The strategy of winning IV. Financing the Campaign V. Why some Americans do not vote? VI. How do voters decide? •Democrat or Republican? •Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors I. Why do they run? Self Starters: •To further their careers •To carry out specific political programs •Example: Americans with Disabilities Act •In response to certain issues or events •Example: Anti Obama or Anti Bush •Ambition, Power Recruited:

•To fill the slate of candidates II. Who is Eligible? President: •A natural born citizen •At least 35 years old •A resident for 14 years Vice President: •A natural born citizen •At lesat 35 years old •Not a resident of the same state as the candidate for president Senator: •a citizen for at least 9 years •At least 30 years old •Be a resident of the state from which selected Representative: •A citizen for at least 7 years •At least 25 years old •A resident of the state from which elected II. The Strategy of Winning •Professional Campaign •Candidate Visibility and Appeal •The use of Opinion Polls and Focus Groups •P. A. C- III. Citizens United v. FEC (2010) •Corporations, Unions, and Non-Profits may spend freely to support oppose a candidates.