Effects Of Crips Gang In America

Cripes is an infamous gang in America that has its root from early 1970s in Los Angles California pioneered by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. It is dominated by notorious and violent African Americans who have been involved in drug dealings, robberies and murder. They identify themselves with blue color visible in the clothes they wear and their head gears. However, the crackdown on these gangs has instilled fear on the blue identification. They are known to be great rivals to the Bloods who were at one time their allies.

Over the years these two gangs have attracted youths who identified themselves with them resulting to their influence in California and other metropolitan American cities streets. Cripes became villainous in 1980s but with the crackdown on them, they went under cover. Their followers still exists and are still absorbing some more members. They were responsible for the death of Rap music icons like Tupac Shakur and BIG Notorious. Traces of crimes related to Cripes are still rampant in the American societies even today although the media have not adequately uncovered these. (Streetgangs. com. 2008)

Cripes is an outlawed gang in America for its involvement in crimes. Ironically, Cripes and Bloods are dominated by Black Americans and their confrontations are a black on black violence. The presence of these gangs in the streets has created a lot of insecurity in Los Angeles, California and other metropolitan cities. It is barely impossible to pass through some streets unless one identifies himself or herself with a certain gang. The age between 12-25 years is a delicate developmental stage. According to psychologists, it is at this stage that an individual is vulnerable to the peer influence.

The youth identifies themselves with such groups and experiments entirely everything that adults do. Therefore Stanley & Washington influenced a lot of youth as they themselves were teenagers. Many youth have continued suffering victims of circumstances which rooted from this age. They have indulged themselves in criminal activities and drug abuse. Many have lost their lives through persecution by their own ‘brothers’ or by becoming victims of the law enforcers. Others have found themselves in the hands of justice and have been jailed.

The youth have been exposed to mental and physical trauma caused by these gangs operations. Across the streets of these major towns, many have been robbed their belongings, raped and murdered by these gangs. Cripes gangs have had an effect in the state, investors and families at large. They have diverted internal security efforts and which would have been used elsewhere. By killing American citizens, this erodes human capital that would have been used elsewhere in developments. The Cripes gang has also affected the reputation of the American cities.

Many investors who would have wished to invest in these cities are insecure therefore refraining from investing which affects the economy indirectly. Much of the effects have been felt by the families of the gang’s victims. Many families are insecure and have mourned the loss of their loved ones who have been murdered in the fight against them or have fallen victims of being murdered by these gangs. Cripes have a reputation in drug trafficking which has negatively impacted on youth. There are the crimes that are associated to drug abuse.

With drugs in the society, these crimes; rape robberies, suicides, car jacking among others, have affected many families. They have also created enmity among neighborhoods which have resulted to disunity -lack of unity in any society affects all the organs of that society; from businesses to institutions like schools. Previous survey indicates these gangs still exist in schools. Cripes gang has evolved many other notorious gangs across America both dominated by Blacks, Hispanics and Whites. Though Cripes gang’s main rival is Bloods and where both are Blacks dominated, they have prompted racism and the feeling of inferiority complex.

Racism is one social issue that affects the political setting of the United States. While it may seem true that the United States authorities have successfully fought against these gangs, the fact is they are still rampant in American society even today. The former presidential campaigns had some traces of the existence of such divisions along gangs across United States. There exists the Blue and Red states’ ideology which if not addressed, will continue existing and the end results will not be pleasing. These kind of division between black and black, white and white, black and white should seize.

It was very unfortunate that some Americans even voted not in the lines of political parties but in the lines of race. It is also very unfortunate that Americans will continue loosing some prominent people to these gangs. Surprisingly enough, some white supremacy members targeted the assassination of Obama a clear reflection of the extent that such gangs if not addressed can reach. The United States government, its people and the world at large should address this issue. Reference: Streetgangs. com. (2008) A Brief History of the Los Angeles based Cripes. Retrieved on 4th December 2008, from http://www. streetgangs. com/crips/