Effect of socio-economic status and voting habits

Does social and economic status have effect on voting habit in the USA? Without doubt it does according to findings the voting system determined by the social and economic influence of the peer group. Living and social inequality that exists among them does not augur well for them when it comes to voting. The relative lower levels of poverty in many cities in the USA does not guarantee an equivocal voting since their levels of income in equality are quite high- UN report published in Washington post (2008 October, ) For example the poor would vote for the candidate and the party that has policies that address to their flight.

It is apparent that the interest of the rich and the poor are quite different and although they two might be living in the same locality, their living and social habits are different. The rich for example would want to have a government that would foster for good a business both internally and externally. The poor would want to have a government that would mind about their welfare especially that which will have policies that would alleviate their social economic standards of living. However this might not be the case if a certain party produces a candidate who is charismatic enough to pull both the rich and the poor to his side.

The party policies should be fair enough to cater for the two groups equally in order to attract their votes. Nevertheless the voting pattern is likely to fluctuate depending on other factors like going by the leadership of the outgoing president or the incoming policies and promises. The second reason that affects voting habits in the USA is Racism. ` TV series west wing -` the marginal black characters explains s a fact that discrimination of people due to their color or race to some extend; it is a bad cancer that can easily kill a nation.

For example, a good candidate can be voted out simply because he is a colored or black irrespective or his excellent performance. By this we might see a white, especially the old conservatives, going for a candidate because he is a white and denying a black capable candidate votes- Bradley effect (1982). However, the young and educated do not fall victim of racism of late, the educated take the advantage of their age group and mix up freely. One; for their sexual advantage and political superiority.