Project Report (Global Business Environment)

Instructions:1. Times New Roman/Georgia2. Front Size: 12, Space: 1.53. Minimum Words: 30004. Maximum Words: 50005. GRAPH – CHART – IMAGE : Mandatory6. Print: Colorful7. Binding the Report8. Signature Mandatory for all team members

CONTENTS OF TERM-PAPER AS FOLLOW:1. Acknowledgement Letter2. Executive Summary3. Definition of Globalization4. Organogram – Mission – Vision – Strategic Culture5. List of Products/Services6. SWOT (Strength-Weakness –Opportunities – Threats)7. PESTEL Analysis (Political – Economical – Social – Technological – Environment – Legal) 8. Global Business Arena (Detailed)9. Global Exploration Zone (Map)10. Political Economy & International Business11. The Strategy of International Business12. Entry Strategy or Forms of Strategic Alliances13. Value Chain Model14. Global Marketing ( 4P – Market Segments – Market Promotion – Branding – BCG Matrix and related) 15. Detailed Financial Investment (Assets/Liabilities, EPS, Net Profit, Breakeven Analysis) 16. Global Human Resources Management ( Recruitment – Health & safety – Workforce diversity – Career development – Global human resource planning – Labour relation – wages structure – benefits & rewards) 17. Recommendation

18. Conclusion19. References

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Project Archive (Global Business Environment)Launching Date: 1st December 2013 at 6.00 P.M.Marks: 100

Materials Requires:

1. One Piece Cocksheet, Size: 4 Feet2. Colors/Alpona & balloons & drawing markers3. Colorful papers/ paints/ribbons/chumki/flowers/leafs etc.

CockSheet Dias Style (4 – Feet) :

Half FeetPanel Name : i.e. BOOM + (‘Boom’ symbol)Haf FeetFaculty : Prof. Dr. M. Mahmodul Hasan (Photo)Course Name & Code: Section:

2.5 Feet

Your Design

Half FeetArchive Developed By:

1) Photo- Name & Sign2) Photo – Name & Sign…etc.….(All Members)

Mandatory Illustration:

Entire Design Plate must be looking Awesome, Dynamic, Very Specials and FATAFATI

:: Archive Outlines::

Panel NameAssignments

Bangali Vhoot

(Sample Logo)

Chevron (Logo Must):

1) Define Global Strategy of Chevron2) Global Exploration Zone3) Draw BCG Matrix4) Draw Value Chain


( Sample Logo)

ConocoPhillips (Logo Must):

1) Define Global Strategy2) Global Exploration Zone3) Draw PESTEL & SWOT4) Draw Value Chain

Jeener Badsha

(Sample Logo)

BP (Logo Must):

1) Define “BP” Global Strategy2) Global Exploration Zone3) Global HR System4) Global Marketing


(Sample Logo)

Qatar Petroleum (Logo Must):

1) QP – Global Strategy2) Its Mission & Vision3) BCG Matrix & SWOT Analysis4) Value Chain

Vhootum Pecha

(Sample Logo)

Total (Logo Must):

1) Define Global Strategy2) Global Exploration Zone3) Global Marketing4) Global HR System