“Minimum Wage Essay”

Minimum wage is the lowest wage payable to employees in general or to designated employees as fixed by law or by union agreement. Should minimum wage be increased? I do not think it should. If minimum wage was increased it would harm small businesses, there would be less job opportunities, and it would motivate teenagers to leave school. I think minimum wage is just fine at national $7.25 an hour and that it should be left alone.

First of all, if you raise the minimum wage you are hurting the small businesses. A slight increase of only $1.60 an hour could cost little shops over $30,000 a year! That is a drastic and unnecessary change! That is money that most small businesses just do not have or can come up with. So what would they have to do to make up for that loss of money? They either have to lay off workers or increase prices and neither of the choices is going to benefit the economy.

Secondly, if minimum wage was raised it would make job opportunities less available for worker. If you have people working at McDonalds for minimum wage and people who went to college and now have a decent job making the same amount of money then the decent job doesn’t have as much value. Also when people only doing a job that is worth 7.25 are going to lose their job because the businesses need to save their money to pay everyone else the raised minimum wage price. New job opportunities are essential in today’s economy! Raising the minimum wage is only going to wound us, not benefit us. Finally, raising the wage will make it more expensive to hire younger and low-skill workers. Now think about that high school senior who doesn’t care much for school.

Raising the minimum wage encourages high school students to drop out of high school by increasing the rewards to work. There are better ways to help the poor. We need our high school students to be motivated to stay in school and go to college, and if minimum wage gets raised that is inspiring them to do just the opposite, to drop out of high school and start work. After these high school students drop out, some don’t find even work! Minimum wage should not be raised. If it does get raised then it is going to damage small businesses, you are going to lose job opportunities, and it will encourage high school student to quit education and start work.

How is this helping our economy? Think of all the people who will be hindered from this. Sure, there may be a few perks but there will be way more harms. Think about it before you make your decision because this may be helping you, but is it the better choice for the entire nation?