Introduction of Health care products

With the development of the social economy and the improvement of living standard, people have already paid more attention to the nutrition and their health, popularization of nutritional knowledge, nutritional quality of the training of professional progress, nutritional technician has become an urgent demand in the contemporary society. The development of health care products has become a social issue of great concern to the whole society. The core of health care products is health food.

Health food is the food that is indicated to have specific health functions, which is suitable for the specific people. It is able to regulate the body, but it is not to treat the disease for the purpose. The health food must possess three attributes: food properties; functional properties, specific function, non-drug attribute. In the new century, health food is one of the most promising and the most challenging industry in the food industry in China. It is also full of opportunities for the future development. Chinese medicine has a brilliant future in the market of health food.

China has the special national products that any other countries in the world are not available. China has abundant Chinese medicinal plant resources. They have a unique flavor. Traditional Chinese medicinal health food, such as health care wine, beverage, food is very safe and also has a reliable curative effect . But it is very different in the western world. The opinion of foreign studies is that a single health food is very difficult to have various health care functions. But people need more nutrition, at the same time disease treatment and health demand is also very diverse.

Nutritional health experts and nutritional physicians have duty and responsibility for the public to provide the scientific and convenient and reasonable combination for the specific groups, to solve the problems that consumers in the market are difficult to fit in the health food. “Packages”, the combination of form and the emergence of consumer packaging turned up in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. It has a very good response and also very suitable for the pace of life of the modern people.

By the majority of recognition of the consumers, numerous “packages” of health care products continue to turn up. Since the 1990s, the “package” has become a new form in the developed countries of Europe and America. Such as a health food produced in the U. S. , the contents of each 4 pieces of sachet gland extracts, 1 piece of bee pollen, 1piece of royal jelly, 1piece of Siberia Ginseng and 1piece of minerals and so on. Another example is some health food like the coenzyme q10, vitamin e soft capsules, vitamin a, vitamin complex, each one consisting of ginseng tablets.

On their packaging indicate the species name to form the “package”, the contents of functional components, the main raw material, suitable for the crowd, Dosage and method, storage methods and precautions. Fish oil is one of the most famous health food now. Fish oil is a natural functional health food. Although it has the ease or even to treat many diseases, but the objective existence with the drug difference is that: it does not have to be prescribed, it has no strict dose, time, method of use and treatment regulations, healthy people can take to prevent disease, a strong physique, sick people can be taken to alleviate the disease.

But the most important distinction is that it has no drugs to human body have side effects. The main effective component of fish oil is Omega-3, a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is the human vascular scavenger, can prevent arteriosclerosis, heart disease and stroke. Fish oil is in patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other diseases is the first choice of health care products.

Fish oil also has the role of inhibition of platelet aggregation, if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, or had received treatment for their own health, safety, and more effective use of fish oil, please according to the amount of prudent physician. In Europe and the United States, high purity of fish oil (purity over 80%) to be large-scale clinical validation of the efficacy of the prevention of cardiovascular disease, whether as a prescription drug or dietary supplement, high purity fish oil has been widely accepted in Europe and the United States. But it also has some disadvantages.

Fish oil polyunsaturated fatty acid is prone to oxidation, consumption of antioxidant substances, produce free radicals in vivo metabolism, cell aging, such as skin aging senile plaque. This causes fish to eat too much, will produce more side effects. In addition, the main ingredient in fish oil also has the role of inhibition of platelet aggregation, right amount take can avoid the formation of coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis, but if excessive consumption, because of low platelet aggregation caused by a variety of spontaneous bleeding, including intracranial hemorrhage.

Another point to correct you, fish oil for children, not to eat more will be more intelligent. And fish oil to increase intake of vitamin E, in theory, should be 1 grams of fish oil intake of 0. 9 mg of vitamin E, to remove the body of free radicals produced by fish oil. http://baike. baidu. com/view/262779. htm#2 http://www. 39. net/HotSpecial/xmyjh/cllt/262042. html