Economy vs Environment

The economy is a good way to develop the world. Actually, economic development allows people to have a better quality of life and be proud of scientific achievement. On the other hand, others said that the economy is also a main cause result in a great number of negative effects to environment. Actually, these effects are only partly exact in the past. Nowadays, the economy is friendlier to environment and creates some solution to recover it. First of all, the economy can improve the quality of life.

In the past, when the First Industrial Revolution was booming in Western countries, the economy definitely changed the way of working and life of people. According to many historians, that were a substantial shift of human world and directly civilized people . Nowadays, people can enjoy their life by many ways such as computer, chatting and playing game. Additionally, economy is a main factor to reduce some social problems, for example, unemployment and illiteracy. Through developing the economy, people will possibly change their life from the poor into the rich.

The second benefit of the economy is to motivate development of other fields. Scientific is an evidence to prove that. Because many entrepreneurs want to earn more money in front of other rivals, they contract scientist to research the new way to improve efficiency. As a result, a great number of scientific innovations increased economic development and changed the surface of the world such as computer, internet, automatic machine, and robotics. Moreover, another field like tourism evolves due to the economy.

When people have more money by their successes in work, they really want to travel around the world and therefore use their money at the place they go. It is clearly that the tourism also has significant advantages due to the development of economy. Finally, environment concerns can be solved the economy. If the governments have enough money because of taxes from factories, they can use that money to improve environment. Although economic development partly affects some unpleasant environmental results, it will be no longer an issue in the future with new technology in producing goods that is good for environment.

There are currently a large number of eco friendly products like recyclable tote bags. In conclusion, economic development can bring many benefits to people such as improving the quality of life and motivating other wide range of fields. Despite that fact that there are substantial controversies about environmental concerns which are associated with development of the economy, the economy at least provides some economic knowledge to the consumer with some eco friendly goods. In the future, it is asure that the economy will also a key factor to protect environment.