Economic growth in China

In recent years, with the development of china, some problems are emerging. The unemployment and environmental issues is becoming more and more serious. A larger number of people researched on the situation and reasons of these problems. From kinds of reports, it is easy to know that the situation is serious, and the reasons are varied. This essay is analysis situation of economic growth in China. The biggest challenge facing China is not slowing growth but unemployment, which could trigger social unrest. (BBC, 2009) Unemployment Rate in China remained fairly steady at 4.10 percent in 2012, making up only 4% of unemployment rate.

The chart was begun to rise more significantly in 2008 and by July in 2011 tripled to reach 4. 3% of the unemployment rate in China. Although there was no change in percentage of the labor force at 2008, but the percentage of labor force increased at 2009 and 2010. Unemployment rate in China is reported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC. (Trading economic, 2012) In China, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the workforce.

This figure includes a current for China Unemployment Rate. Figure 1 China unemployment rate (Trading economic, 2012) Such as serious situation of unemployment have a lot of reasons. Such a serious situation of unemployment has a lot of reasons. At first difficulty in state enterprise’s development is a main reason for the laid-off and surplus workers in city. With the high-speed development of economy, state enterprises have to change their system to survive and compete with others. So more and more workers have being laid off . The second reason is continued increase of surplus work force in countryside.

Nowadays, agricultural demand for labor has declined because of the progress of science and technology and the decline of farm. The increasing population in countryside is also an important reason for unemployment. The population is increasing with the farm is decreasing. So many farmers have nothing to do. Inadequate capability of people is another cause of unemployment. Some people can not get job because of low quality in knowledge. In recent years, company’s requires are enhancing. That’s a challenge to workers, especially to farmers. The imperfect social security system is a reason for unemployment in both city and countryside.

The government hasn’t given a perfect social security system to protect citizen’s employment. The reasons of unemployment in china are various. Unemployment is a national issue and this is about the people’s problems. It needs a solution for the government and workforce. Therefore, the government’s adjustment is the most efficient solution. To solve this problem, the government can increase the construction of infrastructure. This cannot only provide a lot of jobs, but also can make the nation’s infrastructure better. Besides, government can enhance the development of privately managed enterprises that can provide more jobs.

It would make a great effort on releasing the tough situation of unemployment. The government needs to create sufficient jobs for university graduates and the redundant workforce from the countryside. And the government could provide better Medicare insurance for them, and need to provide better guarantees for their children’s schooling and better guarantees for their pensions. (BBC, 2009) To begin with, the other one reason is environmental issues. The environment issue is very severe in China. Firstly, Water resources of the People’s Republic of China.

The water resources of China are affected by both severe water quantity shortages and severe water quality pollution. An increasing population and rapid economic growth as well as lax environmental oversight have increased water demand and pollution. And China has responded by measures such as rapidly building out the water infrastructure and increased regulation as well as exploring a number of further technological solutions. Water usages by its coal-fired power stations are drying-up Northern China. (Wikipedia, 2012) Moreover, Pollution in China is one aspect of the broader topic of environmental problems in China.

Various forms of pollution increased as China’s industrialization, which has caused widespread environmental and health problems. (Wikipedia, 2012) Various forms of pollution increased as China’s industrialization has caused widespread environmental and health problems. China has taken measures is increasing environmental regulations and a build-up of pollutant treatment infrastructure improvement of some variables. Beijing in 2013, is a bowl of terrain, has significant industry, coal, and is subject to heat the air inversion leads to very high levels of pollution in winter.

(Wikipedia, 2012) So, the environment issue has drawn the attention of the government, which the government began to take measures to solve the environment issues. To sum up, the economic growth is so fast in China, but still have some problems. The unemployment and environment issue are just some of all problem. If the unemployment is increasing, which can affect the people’ life and affect country’s economic development. And serious environmental pollution made destruction of nature, that people’s living environment is greatly reduced. The government is tried to solve these problem, but still no answers. Word count:884

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