Economic Effects of Illegal Immigrants

The United States has for quite a long period been experiencing the influx of immigrants especially from Mexico. Influx of a group of people from one region to another has got a definite effect to those already living in that region, both in political, economic and social life. The influx of immigrants in the American society has played a major role in the country’s culture. It has to be noted however that when there is illegal immigration, definitely there is a very big impact on the society. The impact can either be positive or negative, depending on various issues.

This has made many Americans to have varied views on the illegal immigrants, and their effects (McIndoe, 2005). Illegal immigrants are considered to be violating law of the society. the government has the sovereign right to control who enters the country but this has been quite often been violated by entering into the country illegal, or those who enter legally refuse to leave after the legal time they were supposed to stay has come to an end. Despite increased efforts to deal with illegal immigrants, their number has constantly been rising.

This has increased the concerns especially among the politicians concerning the illegal immigration issue. It has also raised concerns on the ability of US to control her borders. To help in this problem, stiffer laws have been passed to handle the Mexican- American border. Illegal immigrants are put through a tougher scrutiny than legal immigrants, as these are considered to be burdensome to the economy. Hence controlling illegal immigrants has been thought to be a good way of improving the economy (Martin, 2007).

There have been continued debates on the effects of the illegal immigrants, but it remains a thorny issue to have comprehensive proof as to whether the immigrants impact the economy in a negative or a positive way. It thus implies that before the congress passes any legislation concerning illegal immigrants, consideration of such a move has to be thoroughly considered. Obviously, when immigrants get into the country, they destabilize various things. The debates that have so far been going on about illegal immigrants are concerned with legal issues, and few debates have concentrated on economic matters (Hanson, pp 5).

Therefore, this research paper will concentrate on looking at the economic implications of the illegal immigrants as opposed to security and political issues especially orchestrated by politicians. US policies on Immigrants There are various ways in which a person can live and work in the United States; the first is by legally obtaining a permanent residence status, secondly getting a temporary visa, and finally operating as an illegal immigrant. All these are governed by different policies.

Green cards have been very crucial in helping the illegal immigrants obtain legal status to be in US. As earlier said, illegal immigrants get in US through illegally crossing the border, and secondly when one overstays the temporary visa. There have been increased efforts to deal with illegal border crossing, but this seems to overwhelm the police manning the borders. The agricultural sector in the 20th century heavily depended on the illegal immigrants for labor, but currently different other economic sectors also benefits from this labor.

Illegal immigrants can use documents like social security cards to obtain employment, thus it is not easy for an employer to know if these are legitimate documents or not. The economic situation in US plays a big role in the movement of the illegal immigrants. The immigrants’ movement in to the US is high when the economic situation is better than that of Mexico. It is thus basically because of the greener pastures that the immigrants enters the US. When in US, the mobility of the immigrants is also very high. They are mostly found in the areas that are reported to have increasing number of job opportunities.

Looking at the legal immigrants, their movement to US is less responsive to the economic situation since it takes time for them to be cleared to enter the US. In addition, while in the country, their geographical mobility is limited since moving from one job to another implies one has to be first cleared by the current employer. Therefore, without the employer’s approval, a legal immigrant can not change a visa and work in a different location, unlike the illegal immigrants who are not bound by anything and can thus move freely and get employment anywhere.