E-Commerce and the Law

This assignment is based on the evolution of the cyber world. Here it will be discussed the impact of the cyber world in the real life. As the assignment progress it will be explained how they are related to each other and how are they dependent on one another. Email, www, dot. com , websites , love and dating has become a common stuff today on the internet. Businessess , relationship, crime, human interaction and above all the different behaviour makes this internet a digital world which could be considered as the cyber space.

When cyber space is considered as a new world one cannot say that the real space is not going to be unaffected by it. In this report it has been tried to find out the relationship that exist between these two spaces. This report not only talks about the relationships but also gives a fair amount of idea on- why we can conclude and consider a particular relationship among cyber and real spaces. This report has been based on several survey , researches, secondary data and interviews. This report is going to underline the relationship between cyber space and real space.

Not only the relationship but report also deals with the factors making them related and unrelated. The intention is to write this essay in such a way that at one point of time it should make reader wonder what exactly the relationship and effect is there, among both the spaces. In one line the essence of report could be described as- 'Cyber space and Real space- factors which makes them dependent, unique properties which makes them independent, and co-relational aspects which make them interdependent'.

Ones approach towards this topic is not going to be theoretical, no it is not going to be practical nor historical, it is going to be the combination of viewpoints of people from real space, articles from virtual. By real space one means the real world where we live in, you could say a 'physical world', where things have dimensions and exists in a physical form, could be seen and touched. On the other hand there is digital world- where everything is in digital form, numbers and soft data which could not be seen, can be cloned so easily.

Third is cyber space that has taken our life over, described as a virtual space, where almost everything is available as real space but in virtual, electronic and digital form. Now in the body of the report, it analyses and characterises the relationship between cyber space and real space. Cyberspace is not completely independent from real-space. There is strong relationship between them as in the absence of the other one will be incomplete. But before discussing the relationship between them lets define the cyberspace and its meaning.

Cyberspace can be defined as the worldwide network of computer that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange. In other words it can be defined as the impression of space and community formed by computers, computer networks, and their users; the virtual "world" that Internet users inhabit when they are online. Simply it is the virtual world, which exists but can't be felt, seen although it does all the things that the real world does.

It can be called as the virtual land, with virtual lives and virtual societies, because these lives and societies do not exist with the same physical reality that real societies do. The physical exists in cyberspace but it is reinvented. When phone lines and cable are allied to a computer this parallel world of cyberspace is created. It is often called a virtual world because it doesn't exist in tangible, physical reality but in the light and electronics of communications technology.

In the virtual world people live virtual lives, alongside their real lives that may be as substantial as marriage and as insubstantial as checking a television guides. It now touches all lives (for some it is as essential as telephone or the letter) and to others it is still a fearful whisper of technological promise. It has become so powerful that even those uninterested in the virtual world are affected, often without their knowing. Virtuality whether chosen by us or not has grown parallel to reality and encompasses us all.