Drug trafficking, Abuse and Organized Crime

This journal published by US government in 1986 seeks to address the magnitude of the lucrative drug trafficking business. It brings to light the different multinational cartels, which are involved in the distribution of drugs. The article explains the origin of illegal drugs, which find their way into the US, as coming from South America.

It gives a detailed account on the growing of coca (the cocaine producing plant) in South America, How the coca is manufactured, in the jungle forests of South American continent. The distribution methods are well described with a range of channels described.

Case studies if chief growing manufacturing and distribution countries are also included in the journal. For instance, Colombia is depicted as the epicenter of all drugs trafficking network in South America. The journal is relevant to the bibliography topic in that it explores all the aspects of drug trafficking in South America.

The descriptive manner of the journal helps to capture the interests of a reader, and hence it is appealing to its audience. However, one is left to wonder with all this information, why then is this menace of drug trafficking still haunting the South Americans and the rest of the world in general.

The journals detailed account on the transportation of drugs with aircrafts and water vessels makes it a relevant source of information to the topic of research. The eligibility of this journal to my topic of research is not questionable, firstly a committee commissioned by the president wrote it and secondly it has excerpts of the confession by reformed drug dealers. It is a complete research material and therefore I would not hesitate to refer it to any person studying about drug trafficking in America.