Drug Enforcement Administration

In the twenty-first century there is a plethora of drugs distributing from Mexico to the United States all the way to Canada causing numerous people to be sentenced to prison, to depart from their families, and to even die. Luckily, there is one law enforcement agency created by the U. S. government to banish these horrible facets, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Breaking down and destroying drug empires, arresting the kingpin leaders of illegal narcotics, and trying to put an end to this terrorizing crime.

Drug cartels have always been an enormous issue all across the globe, but the DEA is like the superhero trying to fight off this drug battle. It’s not a simple job that anyone can just hope right on top of it. Yes being a DEA agent is a tedious career; however, it will be extremely rewarding and magnificent in the end. The Drug Enforcement Administration was created by President Richard Nixon through an Executive Order on July 1973 in order to establish a single unified command to combat an all-out global war on the drug menace.

Becoming part of the DEA isn’t an easy task, there are multiple abilities one is required to have so that he or she can even be considered or recognized to become a DEA special agent. In order to apply and be qualified for the DEA, applicants must have the basics: must be U. S. citizens, between 21 and 36 years of age at the time of appointment, must possess a valid driver’s license, be willing to relocate anywhere in the U. S. successfully completing a written and oral assessment, urinalysis drug screening, medical examination, Physical Task Test, polygraph examination, psychological assessment, comprehensive background investigation and be able to obtain a Top Secret security clearance. Of course physical requirements are needed as well, one must be: in excellent physical condition, sharp hearing acuity, and uncorrected vision of at least 20/200, corrected vision of 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, normal color vision, heavy lifting, and be able to carry at least 45 pounds or more.

When I noticed that there are so many physical requirements are part of the DEA, I started on my physical conditioning since my senior year of high school. Since it is law enforcement for narcotics, I know I have to stay clean and out of trouble which is an easy task for me since I’ve never done any type of illegal substances. There’s no doubt in the world, that becoming a DEA special agent is no easy thing to do and requires an abundance of dedication and determination. Nevertheless, there is always the need for somewhat of education and experience.

A candidate should also possess specialized professional experience conducting independent narcotics investigations of alleged or suspected violations of the law; conducting surveillance and undercover activities or operations, and apprehending, arresting persons suspected of violations; and organizing evidence for presentation to prosecution officials and testifying in court. At the moment I’m attending Arizona State University to receive my Bachelors Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice but I also plan on receiving a minor degree in Psychology and Chinese.

By receiving these degrees, it will put me ahead of the competition out there. What I also discovered by my academic advisors that I can take some internships while in college for the DEA. Obviously education is a major priority for the DEA and should not be procrastinated. Yet, being part of the DEA is unlike any other Law Enforcement agency. Yes the DEA is tedious; however, it will be extremely rewarding and magnificent.

In the end, there will always be the need for DEA officers in the future. It is a job that will never come to an end. Cities need people to enforce the law and they always will. There are many jobs in the future for people to join the DEA and it is believed there will most likely be an increase on the demand for special agents. This is because everyday drug crime get worse in are cities, there will be more drug tracking, robbery and murders.