Drug Addiction and Medical Marijuana

Drug addiction is a serious illness that affects millions of Americans every day. We all have someone we know or maybe family member that are suffering from one of many drug addictions. One of the drugs that people are fighting to legalize is marijuana. I am totally against legalizing marijuana because marijuana is a gate way to other drug addictions. My mother was alcoholic and my father used every type of drug one can name. I am seventh child of nine children, seven being boys and two girls. All of my brothers suffer from a different type of drug abuse.

After watching several family members suffer from drug and alcohol abuse my sister and I made an oath that we would not use drugs because we have seen firsthand what drugs can do to a person’s body and mind. I have tried to talk to each of my brothers to find out why they use drugs. Basically all of them gave the same answer except one. Drugs helped them through difficult times or it makes them feel good at that moment. The second oldest brother Tyrone said that marijuana helps his glaucoma condition.

So, I decided to try marijuana because all my brothers were doing it, so when I turn 15 years old my brother convinced me to smoke a marijuana joint with him and his girlfriend. He said it would not hurt me. Although, I knew it was wrong I tried it just to see what the hoopla was about. I saw myself outside of my body under the influence of this drug laughing and making fun of disable individuals. I did not have any control of myself or my thoughts. It wasn’t until I came down from the high that I fully understand what that drug had over me total control.

I felt terrible and bad about the things that I said and done and for that reason alone I never tried drugs again. After my father passed away I found out that because of using needles with others that my father contracted AIDS. He also had other ailments due to drugs and alcohol usages. Furthermore, I lost 2 brothers due to drug use, I decided to research drug abuse and addiction further to try and seek my own understanding.

Drug addiction is a disease that stems from many factors such as: lack of a health, having a loving parent, nurturing home environment or the presence of a chaotic lifestyle in childhood has been shown to increase the use of drugs as users seek to obtain a feeling of acceptance and importance. Influences and activities outside the home environment include inappropriate behavior and association with peers involved in the use of drugs; genetics are recognized by many healthcare professionals as a valid cause of substance abuse; the medicines used to treat medical conditions with pain management or medications for mental diseases can lead to a dependence, abuse and ultimately to addiction.

The effect of drug addiction regardless of the types of drug uses has social, psychological and physical effects, such as: changes in the structure and function of your brain from drug abuse make it impossible to safely stop using without professional intervention; if you are abusing any drug, whether prescription or illegal, your brain has adapted to its presence.

Your body perceives a normal that is established by the dependence on the drug; physical effects of drug addiction, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) vary, depending on the drug, but can include heart rhythm irregularities and heart attacks; breathing difficulties and respiratory arrest; nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain; poor musculoskeletal development, cramping and muscle weakness; kidney and liver damage; seizures and memory loss; and cancer; psychological effects can include depression, hallucinations, paranoia and aggression.

If left untreated or if the condition gets out of control, any of these effects can lead to death; social effects are often noticed by family and friends of someone addicted to drugs. If you recognize a change in aggressiveness, selfishness, lying or a lack of interest in usual activities, you may be observing or experiencing the results of drug addiction. What happens when your body gets use to marijuana and you need something stronger? You will consider something else if it helps the pain. I do not believe in taken a lot of prescription medicines, which can become addiction as well.

One country that is for legalizing marijuana is the United Kingdom. The Sativex’s developer, GW Pharmaceuticals, a British company, hopes to sell medical pot in Western Europe and the Commonwealth countries, including Canada. The U. S. market is a “long-term objective,” company spokesman Mark Rogerson says. (USA Today) The drug called Sativex will be the first prescription drug that uses real marijuana extract and not a synthesized. The product will offer hope of pain relief to estimated 110,000 MS sufferers in the United Kingdom.

The drug will be available in an inhaler that dispenses medical marijuana in mist form which is in the final stages of testing by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health. The Sativex device uses vapor distilled from marijuana plants grown under government supervision in southern England. It has proved successful in relieving the muscle and headache pain of a small number of test patients, according to trial results reviewed by the UK’s Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency.

Basically the inhaler would be used only for medical purposes but it opens the door for pain suffers to argue that they should be permitted to grow or purchase marijuana for their own use. Others say that once government-approved marijuana is available, it will be more difficult to argue that disease sufferers should be permitted to grow or purchase marijuana for their own use. (USA Today) Rhode Island Hospital physician/researcher presented findings from a study investigating whether legalizing medical marijuana in Rhode Island would increase its use among youths.

The lead author Esther Choo, M. D. , M. P. H. , will present the findings of the study at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition on November 2nd. (Health and Medicine Week) Dr. Choo is an emergency medicine physician with Rhode Island Hospital and her coauthors believe that the state-level legalization of medical marijuana has raised concerns about increased accessibility and appeal of the drug to youth. The youth are already vulnerable to public messages about drug use and to the adverse consequences of marijuana.

Their study was supposed to show how legalizing marijuana would impact the youth and the “researchers compared trends in adolescent marijuana use between Rhode Island and Massachusetts using a self-report called the Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System. In their study, they included surveys completed between 1997 and 2009. ” (Health & Medicine Week) “Based on their analysis of 32,570 students, they found that while marijuana use was common throughout the study period, there were no statistically significant differences in marijuana use between states in any year.

” (Health & Medicine Week) “Dr. Choo announced that their study did not find increases in adolescent marijuana use related to Rhode Island’s 2006 legalization of medical marijuana. She added that more research may follow in the future as medical marijuana in Rhode Island and other states becomes more widely used. ” (Health & Medicine Week) In conclusion, legalizing marijuana will open the door to everyone demanding to use marijuana because of their alignment no matter what the condition.

The government needs to understand the damage that will be done if marijuana is legalized and taxed, by looking at already legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Taxes collected from these two substances (alcohol and tobacco) in comparison to the social and health care costs related to their widespread use. The costs far exceeded the revenue and marijuana would likely follow a similar pattern. Cited Work “British test inhaler that dispenses medical marijuana.

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