Drug Abuse in Children

Children can be unambiguously regarded as the future of any nation and with their innocent nature and cute behavior they are the God’s most noble and cherish gift to mankind. But in today’s circumstances of the world, their innocence and cuteness are being threatened by several factors and even by their own family members e. g. parents, brother and sisters. Drug Abuse in Children is also a problem, which has been witnessed over last few decades.

The Handbook on Drug and Alcohol Abuse defines drug abuse as "non-medical use of drugs, both drugs that have and those that do not have generally accepted medical value” (Wikipedia. org). The child may be expose to such factors which eventually leads him/her to be a drug addict or a drug abuser; therefore it is important to keep a keen lookout for such factors.

The factors which have potential of developing drug abusive potential in a child can be called as risk factors, early risks can be, out-of-control aggressive behavior, lack of parental supervision, substance abuse, drug availability and poverty (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2003). These factors lie in different domain (Individual, family, peer, school, community) and they can be reduced by potential factors, which can reduce potential to abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2003).

Children facing these problems can be at potential risk of indulging into drug abuse soon or if not then in their adolescence. Drug abuse or substance abuse is also related with puberty. During a research it has been found out that “The odds that a student had used a substance in his or her lifetime was almost twice as high in mid-puberty and three times as high in late puberty. Recent substance abuse was about 40 percent higher for those in mid-puberty and more than twice as high for those in late puberty” (Gardner, 2004).

Risk factors may also be related to challenges which individual faces emotionally, socially and academically which in turn produces various effects according to one’s personality like if child is very aggressive and is poor in academic achievement then it means child path is negative and intervention is necessary, moreover if the child have family history of drug abuse then there is more chances that child will abuse drugs and an environment where there are no drug-abusing peers and strong anti drug norms along with many protective factors such as parental support and involvement would reduce the risk of child abusing drugs(National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2003).

Drug availability, drug trafficking pattern, believing that drug abuse is endured by society, thinking that using drug in school would enhance popularity, showing one is not afraid of any drug use and finding resort from emotional or social stress can be potential start ups for a child to abuse drug later. It is therefore very necessary for the parents and teachers to concentrate on this issue and consider prevention possible and illness to be treatable.

It is very important for the parent to acknowledge that their child can develop this abuse and then preventing steps should be taken in order to insure that not only their child is not involved in drug abuse but also that they don’t have habits which may lead them to develop it later. First of all don’t think that drug abuse cannot be avoided, because thinking so may lead parent not to make any effort in prevention of drug abuse then it is important to have close and open communication with your child along with constant monitoring of their activities and also of their friends’ activities. (“11 points for parents to protect their kids”, 2005).


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