Drug Abuse and its Relationship to Crime

There is a great relationship between drug abuse and crime in that most criminal activities that occur in our day to day lives are due to the influence of drug abuse. Its is a fact that crime is interrelated to drug abuse and the first idea is that the use, possess or even distribution of drugs such as cocaine or marijuana is itself a criminal offence. These drugs are the one that are like to be abused thereby bringing abnormal effects in the body of the users.

The most crucial aspect that illustrates how drug abuse is related to crime is the effect the abuse of drug brings to individuals. When one is under the influence of drug, he or she behaves in an abnormal manner as he turns out to be violent. At the time one has abused drugs; he or she is very violent and tend to be involved in illegal activities like killing, stealing or even car jacking. Drug abuse is very addictive and one has to live on those drugs in order to survive.

Some of these drugs are quit expensive for an ordinary person especially a young teenager to afford since he or she is not working. For this case, the drug user is forced to be involved in illegal activities like traffic drugs in order to get money to be able to continue using his drugs. Drug trafficking is itself a crime which is enforceable at court of law. On the other hand, the drug user is forced to steal in order to get money to purchase the drug so that he can continue abusing them.

For this case, a person who was so innocent before abusing drugs drastically changes his behavior and becomes a thief in order to be able afford his drugs. A number of crimes are committed in order for one to steal money or a property to sell in order to get money to buy drugs. A survey conducted in 1989 by Bureau for Justice Statistics showed that 17% of state prison inmates committed their crime in order to get money to sustain their drug abuse related habits.

On the other hand, 13% of convicted jail inmate also revealed to have committed their crime in order to get money to buy drugs according to a survey conducted by Bureau for Justice Statistics in 1991. The results of the two surveys are illustrated in the following table. In most case, when one is abusing drugs, chances of becoming a drug trafficker are quit high. For this case, when one is become a drug dealer, there will be competition among other drug dealer and for this case, violence might erupt when fighting for clients.

An abuser of drugs is likely to have deviant behavior that start at a very early stage in his life. For this case, the drug users have a deviant lifestyle and for this case, he can not be involved in any logical economical activity that would help build the nation. This means that he cannot be involved in an occupation that would enable him earn an honest living. For this case, the only activities he can be involved are illegal activities and crime. So, the drug users may either traffic drugs or get involved with other deviant behaviors such as stealing or killing to earn living.

A survey conducted in 1989 and 1991 by Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that most of the crimes are conducted, the offender are usually under the influence of drug. For this case, we can conclude that drug abuse in the number one contributor of crimes in our society and unless we curb drug abuse among our members of the society, there is no way crimes will cease. The result for the survey that was conducted on the inmates showed that the highest percentage of them committed their crime under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The survey results are illustrated in the table below.