Dropping economy

Another research has it that the economy of the country is above all, the most important factor that influences the voting habits in the USA. It is the most important because regardless of ones social status, one would want to live happily. That is getting an adequate supply of the basic requirement for his life. This includes food, shelter, education and medical treatment. USA is a developed nation and much more than this is expected for every people irrespective of color or creed to live satisfactorily. When a government in power spends a lot from the Domestic Gross Product in aid or war in a foreign country.

The economy suffers and the repercussion is that the tax payer is forced to pay more in order to support such project abroad. The tax payer may not be a happy with such a government that hurts its people economically and it is likely to lose if it seeks re election. Research also indicated that on top of spending abroad in case of war, the American is not happy when soldiers who are American die in the said wars in a broad. Although the pride of being Americans and the love for their nation is common in their mouths, silently their heart holds a different message altogether.

Patriotism yes, but loss of life No. this is true with the former governments which have gone to war previously. Research shows that they lost the next elections. So far America to go to war is a very risky undertaking to the government in the office. The deterioration of the world economy might also be another determining factor of the voting habits. Many people nay not understand that dropping economy is a phenomena that is affecting the whole world. They might think that it is poor due to the mismanagement of the economy by the government in the office.

The thought of a bad economy may not be with a certain class in the society but might be found amongst people in all the social status. This is because the economy of a country bites people of all classes. It is important to have people thinking and voting in this pattern in order to put the incoming government on the toes. Any government assuming office should be careful according to observation made by political analyses ` voting in a democratic nation`(observer) and make sure that either the economy is improved or status quo is maintained.

Another very important factor which influences voting habits in USA is the media the radical professors, and social activist and nationalist politicians fear that incompetent president if elected would plunge America into arising TV series David palmer. Media is in a class of its own. Its work is to inform enlighten the mass on what is happening within and without ones environment. It is a very useful tool but at the same time it could be equally dangerous. It can easily build one or destroy him within a very short time.

Media has a lot of influence not only for the Americans but also for all other parts of the world. Media which includes, radio, television, newspapers, journals, all other kinds of prints mobile phones and computers are tools of mass communication. There is nobody who does not access any of these tools. They are available both in cities and rural villages. If a certain candidate is a favorite of the media he/she is highlighted to the mass and the mass has no choice but to adopt him. This is the positive side of the media.

If incase, one falls out with the media his/her negative side is spread all over in the world thus destroying his image and making him unpopular with the electorate. Therefore the media has the biggest influence on the voting habits not only in America but also in other countries. However it is not the case always now that the number of the educated in America is quite big `Washington post. mass enlightenment in USA` in this article, it is clear that the Americans now vote for a candidate not due to the influence of the media or the peer groups but because of the individual observations and independent judgment about a particular candidate.

Education bridges all the social status together and makes people think in a similar but critical way one issues surrounding their lives. The importance or having elites in a country brings about change. Change in the society and the political set up. A politician intending to tarnish the image of another by using vulgar language may not be tolerated by the elites. Education does away with racial discrimination and that color does not matter but the character of the person in question. People are made to believe that they are equal and should be accorded the same treatment.


To sum up, those castes of social habits of voting have ceased to have any influence in the voting pattern. Therefore, according to the latest research, voting is likely to be influenced by an individual candidates and policies of the party sponsoring him rather than those other social economic factors. Works cited • Sin-Ming -Shaw –project syndicate (2008) • TV series west wing – the marginal black characters (2008) • TV series David palmer • Fareed zakaria – the news week. (2008) • Associated press (2008) • Washington post –mass enlightenment (1982)