Down with the Monarchy!

In today’s modern society, the monarchy supposedly plays a very important role. They sit in their castles and palaces, making important life changing decisions for others and help develop their country into something more. Is that not the role of a king or queen, to rule with an iron fist? Apparently not in Britain. Over the many years the monarchy’s role has changed extensively. From an overwhelming powerhouse that always has the last say, into a conservative party of elders with most hard decisions made for them.

Is this better for our nation? I personally believe so. In the past, rulers could be undemocratic and unwise but as time passed and power decreased, Great Britain has boomed. I argue, that if the monarchy has less power and our country is better for it, then why not abolish the monarchy altogether? With powers such as; choosing the Prime Minister, Dismissing the Government, Dissolving Parliament and Pardoning convicted criminals the Queen standing alone could begin a mass takeover.

Unlikely as this may seem, it just takes one man or woman to get greedy somewhere along the line, and so destroying our nation and reverting back some one hundred years. If however, these powers were to be removed from a single man, or if the monarchy was to be dissolved entirely, no such threat would exist. Even if the monarchy did lose its powers there would still lay the issue of the cost of our Royal Family would still remain. In the UK, a vast amount of the Royal Family’s expenditures are spent on luxuries, such as expensive foods, designer clothes and other unnecessary items.

It is estimated that the ‘Head of State’ expenses amount to a staggering ? 50 million pounds per year. Doesn’t that seem slightly excessive? This great sum of money could instead be put to much more important uses than the upkeep of an old family. More jobs could be created, education improved and the war in Afghanistan could all be aided by this money. What use is the money they spend being put to? Hosting ridiculously expensive parties, fancy dresses and not to mention all the trips to foreign countries?

Apparently these strenuous tasks coupled with the ‘bore’ of meeting famous people and waving and shaking hands deserve ridiculous payments of many millions each year just to keep them happy. It is arguable that the money they bring in is greater than that they spend so it is worth it, however who knows how much tourism we would receive without them. If they were to reduce their luxurious habits and many trips, they could surely decrease the money they take, but they do not.

So with their powers lessened and THEIR budget cut handled, the only other pressing matter to consider is the ever watching eyes of the public. Throughout the many years at the top, the royals have made some surprisingly ridiculous decisions and choices, leading to numerous scandals, affairs and embarrassments that have drawn them into the centre of a media storm. There are a worryingly large number of examples. When one royal has an affair or gets into trouble, our supposed role models are attacked by the media resulting in a constant stream of new and ‘exciting’ information coming to light.

For example, a few years ago our beloved Prince Harry decided to attend a fancy dress party – no problems so far – but the costume he chose to wear was not only shocking judgement and incredible naivety but also a disgrace to our public image in Europe. He dressed as a Nazi officer. He turned one of Britain’s greatest triumphs of defeating the German Nazis in World War II into an incredibly distasteful ‘joke’. Clad from head to toe in disgraceful swastikas, his image was paraded around the world causing great offence and a much needed apology from the young royal.

However it seems as the rebellious young Prince was not done with embarrassing our nation. More recently Prince Harry, attending yet another party again chose his wardrobe poorly, deciding to make an appearance in the world famous ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’! Video clips and photos of this, our Prince, prancing about nude, were circulated around the world, causing Britain to suffer even more humiliation. Some who once believed Harry to be a great role model for children were forced to retract these comments and join the world in our mockery.

I cannot contemplate how someone of such a prestigious title can have such poor judgement! The media of course plays a vital role in publicising these unfortunate events which do not need to occur. The media’s power to interpret and present the decisions of the Royals stands equal to the power the monarchy holds itself. Little as I like to share these stories of Royal’s bad calls, I must share another. Even more recently than Prince Harry’s scandals, Kate Middleton, new Duchess of Cambridge got off to a flying start in the public’s eye, until a French magazine decided it wise to follow her and capture pictures of her topless.

“Not her fault” most would argue, but that does not take away from the fact that the respected and newly royal Kate’s naked torso circulated the news for a week. Again it is the royals that dominate the news and not the more important news from Afghanistan or Syria. If the monarchy was not there to be ridiculed, then the British image would not be damaged. Without a Royal family there would be no embarrassing stories of one of them going wild. The British monarchy has stood strong for many years and will not end easily, unfortunately it seems as though no one will ever be able to abolish the monarchy.

Even though we would save money and suffer less embarrassment, the monarchy still would not end by the British. However I feel if their power was limited and their budget cut much like the people they rule, then our coexistence may run smoother. With less influence, a bad decision or a scandal would not envelop the country in news of the so ‘loved’ British Monarchy. The dream of more jobs, lower taxes and no more large chunks of our money spent on weddings and funerals may become a reality. Down with the Monarchy! Word Count = 1,048.