Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Everywhere we go we see people giving others dirty looks and nice smiles and most of the time we choose what face to give someone by the way they look and dress. We can’t deny that we judge people by the way they look and dress. Personally I am entirely against this. It is wrong to think this way, the way a person looks and dresses doesn’t really tell you their whole story. Imagine if we judged everyone by the way they look and not by knowing them. In order to know who someone is, we have to know their personality, lifestyle and manner.

Nowadays if we were to see a girl on the road that is wearing neat, clean, posh clothes with a lot of jewellery, we would begin to imagine who she is and what her lifestyle is like. In this situation most of us will probably think that she is rich, with a nice family that spoils her and maybe even that she is mean and cruel. However if we got to know this girl, you never know she might even be the opposite. The first impression we give people is very important and if that person judges us about the way we look and dress and they don’t bother to get to know our personality and manner then what is the point of knowing anyone at all.

Somebody who hasn’t got the best appearance might have a beautiful personality and somebody who has a pretty and beautiful appearance might have an evil and cruel heart. Even though it is wrong to judge somebody about the way they look and dress sometimes being like this makes us more observant and helps us learn a little bit about their story. For example if a classmate would always come to school in ripped, old clothes and had scares on their body and face, you might be able to see that they are neglected or abused. This way you might sympathise them and get to know them better. I think that it is wrong to judge people by the way they look, and if we were all judged by our looks and we didn’t get to know each other, none of us would have friends.