Domestic partnership

Orthodox opinions in United States point out that homosexually behaviors are genetically inherited and therefore their number will remain genetically controlled (Robinson, 2008). Skeptically, scientists over the years have raised doubts in this notion noting environmental factors as being the most probable element of choosing equal identity. Although researches in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and United States attributes homosexuality to environment and especially social factors, Hansen (2003) notes that homosexuality is an option of a society by members themselves.

According to him, it is an issue which is manifested in the laws and norms of a given society. He argues that, it is not surprisingly that United States and most western countries have high number of homosexuals. Social and cultural norms including legal regulation directly influence human behavior including sexual behaviors and there fore the trend of homosexual in America will continue as long as they are tolerated to such extent as honoring same sex marriage.

There exist a great cultural disagreement regarding homosexuals in United States not only among the right conservatives and liberal relativist including religious perspective but also among ordinary citizens in their different social classes, education level and also religious background. While a some organization are working very hard to pass laws for protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination ,not everyone thinks that it is necessary to have legal protection of homosexuals and bisexuals.

Most members of the homosexual group will agree with me that the widespread acceptance of homosexuals have not happened without its fair share of challenges which include prejudice and discrimination. The issue has elicited a lot of criticism from religion, gender, social class, racial, nations and other population descriptors in all corners of the world. Today the result are that homosexuality is still illegal in more than 80 countries while nine countries including Afghanistan, Sudan and Saudi Arabia prosecuting homosexuals by death.

In one of the excerpts, South Africa arch Bishop Desmond tutu ones said that “prosecution of person for their sexual orientation is always as unjust as the crime against humanity as witnessed during apartheid. In 1996 South Africa became the very first country in the world to say no to discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation a provision was entrenched to the constitution (Bradley & Zucker 1998). In many areas of life, America gay men and lesbians are still being treated as second class citizens.

In the whole country only fourteen states have adopted legislation for protecting employed gay against discrimination; the rest of the states can fire an employee anyhow for reason of being a gay. Even though the wide America do not entertain such discrimination, the U. S congress has failed to enact non discriminatory act which will among other things make it illegal to refuse to hire or to fire someone because of his sexual orientation. On recognition and protection of relationship, homosexual are still discriminated since no state up to date which have openly allowed gay marriage.

It is only Hawaii and California which seem to recognize a form of partial domestic partnership with the rest of states offering neither legal protection nor recognition to long term lesbianism and gay partnership. In heterosexual majority, when one person dies or become hospitalized the other have a legal right for the share of the deceased estate and also visitation rights. Looking at parental issues, gay couples are allowed to adopt a child in some states. On the contrary, all other states have recently passed law preventing gay men and lesbians from adopting children and worse still denying visitation rights.

Other kinds of discrimination include the homophobic harassment and violence which, in most cases is directed to young people perceived to be gays or lesbians. Such harassment is in most cases ignored and even tolerated by the concerned authorities Looking at religion and the Christian perspective in particular, different churches remain split on the matter with most churches from northern America taking the liberal stand while the rest, especially in Africa considering homosexuality as a gross sin.

While the bible gives stricter condemnation of the homosexuality than the church itself in the story of Sodom and germ, the same bible advocates for showing love and unity to the homosexuals since Jesus loves us all. In the recent past the Anglican Church appointed a homosexual in clergyman position an issue that have threatened to split the wider Anglican Church. The Anglican church of Canada extended the fighting by blessing a wedding of two openly gay couple, a move that was seen by other Anglican Church as unethical and a threat to unity of the church (Curry, 2008).