Diversity in the U.S.

To begin my personal informative essay on diversity in the United States, I would like to point out what information has had the most influence on how I better understand and relate to others different from how I did in the past. I do not feel as though this class taught me any more than I already know about other races and ethnicities, in terms of, how their ancestors came to America, or what hardships particular racial or ethnical groups have grown through in the group’s history in the United States. What I do feel like this class has done for me is, put into prospective of how often and frequent prejudice and discrimination is still today.

If someone were to have asked prior to me taking this Cultural Diversity class, whether I think racism and discrimination is still relevant in today’s society, I probably would have answered, not really. Considering how publicly prejudice early Americans where of all groups, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, I would have considered racism almost a thing of the past. Especially now when we can see every kind group of people in Americas workforce, we even had a female nominee for Vice president a few years ago.

What this class has done is point out ways that many Americans (of all groups) still demonstrate some kind of racism, discrimination, and stereotyping of other groups other than their own. The information in this class has also provided me with explanations like, upbringing and immediate social circle, for the reason why many people still secretly and possibly unconsciously discriminate against others. All of this information has caused me to take a close look at myself and my upbringing, to see if there are any changes that I can make to better understand those that I know not understand instead of prejudging and

stereotyping based upon false information from other discrimination. Do to the fact that I am a female Caucasian; I do not feel as though any of the information reviewed in this class has provided me with any new information about my own racial or ethnical group, other than what I had already learned in history class as a child. I am well aware of the great triumphs and hardships the Caucasian race has went through as well as caused. The Caucasian race has had a lot of triumphs be proud of as well as many to be ashamed of, like the mistreatment and racism the group has demonstrated against African Americans and Native Americans.

Sometimes after reading an article or book on the times of slavery or how the Native Americans were pushed off of their land to accommodate the “white man”, I feel very ashamed of the pain my own racial people have caused so many others over the years. The only thing I can do is to continue to educate myself and help others better understand those unlike themselves in order to eventually help society scratch out all types of discrimination. Considering how diverse the American population has become in the last century or so, I think that American society in 2050 will indeed be even more divers then it currently is.

I say this after considering all of the different racial groups that already occupy America, both legally and illegally. Than how many more immigrants enter the United States every day, again both legally and illegally, and after considering how many of those individuals that will go one to produce offspring with others inside and outside their own race, it is a pretty safe assumption to say that American society in 2050 will be considerably more diverse place to live in then the current place we live in today.

I think the biggest obstacles society faces as far as continued diversity in the United States, is educating people on other groups, promoting workplace interaction among different groups in order to encourage a positive personal experience amongst different races. I think it is totally hypocritical of others to be proud to live in a country that was created from a melting pot of different races that wanted somewhere to live that they could be free, and yet still be prejudice and racist against those that are a part of another race other r than their own.

I think everything about diversity in America is a good thing. Let’s face it everything this country stands for is about diversity and freedom; America would not be what it is today if it were not for all those brave souls that chose to make a life risking decision and migrate to a new country for the promise of a better tomorrow. In my opinion, elementary schools should start concentrating more on this subject in order to teach and help break hateful family cycles of discrimination and prejudice.

We can foster a climate of acceptance and pluralism in the United States by educating ourselves and sharing and demonstrating what we have learned with others, especially those closets in our lives like children. If enough of us would band together and consciously make changes in the upbringing of our kids, our family dynamics, and how we talk to and about others, than it may possibly spread throughout our society and have tremendous positive outcomes as a result. Another problem society has is how the media portrays certain groups and the negative effects it has on discrimination in America.

For example, in many instances the only time many Americans receive information on racial groups like Muslims or Indian people is when one or a small group has commented an act of terrorism. This tends to influence society’s belief that all individuals from these groups are all terrorist. I feel as though the media instead to provide and equal amount of information to the public about the different groups they report on in order to better provide society with a more educated presumption of the specific race, instead of leaving room for uneducated stereotyping to occur.

On the other hand I think the media does on occasion cover stories about other races and ethnicities when the groups are celebrating a historical moment or have a parade or something. But, I do not think they spend enough time covering the story, instead it ends up being like a brief three minute segment in between covering the negative stories going on. In conclusion, the biggest number one thing I think America can do to help promote acceptance of diversity in America is to start with our children and how the issue is being addressed and taught in our schools.

I feel as though if America can somehow retrain the way the next generation of society thinks about each other, than we have just about won the fight on discrimination and racism. I we think about it, where is the one place that children from all back grounds of life come together without the influence and intimidation of parents and family members? School, that’s where, so my question is why hasn’t a society that claims to be ready for change already though of this?