Distributive justice Review Example

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of justice is the quality of being just, impartial, or fair. There are many different types of justice such as criminal justice, distributive justice, retributive justice and procedural justice. Currently, justice is described as receiving what one deserves. Others may describe justice as being fair. However, fair would be what someone thinks he or she deserves, and justice is an equal judgement. Justice is what fixes a problem correctly with right and just judgement.

Over many years this term has picked up different meanings, and its importance has grown. Why is this so important to the people of America today, and how have the people of America misunderstood this term? Justice is not about getting revenge on someone. Justice is not about punishing someone’s actions. Rather, justice is rationality because it is what the criminal deserves. In the world today justice is the base of society. The function of this word is to do, treat, or represent someone with appreciation. Everyone has a feeling inside of them that tells them what is right or wrong.

When something is right, he or she will get a golden star, but for the ladder a punishment awaits. So if anyone were to act out wrong on them, then that person will have the natural inclination that something needs to be done. That something is justice. People like Bob Kane and Jerry Siegel have chosen to write out what they feel is right and or wrong. In comic books the hero does the “right” thing, yet some comic books have gotten it wrong. For example, Batman does not work inside the lines of the law because he renders himself the arbiter of justice.

Batman uses his own instinct to decide what is the right upholding of justice (Vollum). On the other hand, Superman stays in the lines and fights for the justice defined by the lawmakers (Vollum). The difference between the two would be that Superman does not fight for himself, but for the justice of the people – He has no selfish ambition. Whereas Batman fights for the people he loves and for himself – He is trying to prove something. Sometimes courts do not rule correctly.

For instance, The Casey Anthony Trial had practically crystal clear evidence that Casey Anthony was the guilty party, but she was not ruled guilty. The prosecuting side argued that she had indeed killed her daughter in 2008, and the defence said that Caylee (Casey’s child) died from drowning (Estes). The entire room at the court gasped in horror as Miss Anthony was given the verdict “not guilty”. They gasped because they knew that this was not right! Local man Scott Corfee reacted to the announcement by saying, “It is not justice. How did an injustice like this happen? It is terrible, terrible.

” People outside of the courthouse also chanted, “We want justice! ” (Lorh) When justice is not served in the courts of America or any country, then the society’s peace and harmony is corrupt. When justice is not served people cannot live sitting still anymore because what they feel inside has led their minds and hearts to think that they must have have justice secured. Justice is needed in the world, because without it the cause for fixing problems would be non-existent. Without justice the world would not be civilized. Justice is truth, just, and is righteous.

It is catching the criminal and serving them justice. It is equal punishment without bias.

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