Distributed exclusively by Apple Inc

A number of products, besides the desktop, such as the iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, accessories and application software are well established around the world. For instance, the number of iPhones increased a 70% from 2011 to 2012. * Security: Mac is developed, manufactured, and distributed exclusively by Apple Inc. providing a more secure operating and network system versus its competitors that are manufactured and distributed by a range of manufactures. * Adaptability: Besides running the Mac operating system, the Mac computers can also run all other major operating systems like windows * Market: The arts, media, and creative professional environments prefer Mac over Windows or any other operating system. Weaknesses:

* Compatibility: The business environment tends to prefer Windows and other OS over Mac due to its compatibility with business applications like Excel and Word. * Exclusive market: Apple products are sold exclusively through their own operated retail stores and online store. * Limited Supplies: The risk on the shortage of its products components and on the terms of new agreements with its suppliers can affect the company’s profitability. * Price: Pressure on lower prices by its competitors can result in a reduction of the company’s gross profit and decrease in the market share. Opportunities:

* TV industry: The Apple TV, which allows customers to watch movies and television shows, can be marketed more aggressively reaching those customers that pay high costs for their cable/satellite TV. * New Markets: Expanding its marketing target to corporations with high security needs. Continuing its expansion to Global markets. * Innovation: Developing and introducing new technology and products that provide a superior solution to the consumer’s wants and needs. Threats:

* Competition: Technological advances are rapidly implemented by Apple’s competitors. * Piracy: The piracy and counterfeit of the products in countries like China. * International Trade Regulations:Tariffs and non-governmental barriers might make more difficult to penetrate some other foreign markets. * Exchange Rates: The fluctuation of the foreign currency exchange creates instability. * Global Economic crisis: The decline of the global economy affects the consumer economic capacity to acquire Apple products.