Disreali’s personal benefits

They believed the longer the pubs stayed open the longer there was for excessive drinking. This in turn would lead to fighting, muggings and stealing. By keeping the pub opening hours shorter it was felt it would keep the disruptive element off the streets. Other members of Parliament thought that the continuation of the pubs opening hours might also be for Disreali's personal benefits, as they all knew how he liked the 'occasional drink'. There are three main ideas that historians consider when deciding why Disreali wanted the power of being Prime Minister, points from each idea are valuable.

As according to his speeches he wanted to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, 'the Conservatives could bridge the Gap between two nations'. This first point could be because of his social upbringing making him not wanting others to miss out the way that he did. The way he showed this was by passing reforms that improved the working and living conditions of the lower class. The second consideration was people in the upper classes thought that it was their moral duty to help those less fortunate than themselves, then God would reward them 'in heaven'.

Disreali believed this point and also regarded as important the fact that the 'British people all belonged to one happy family, each with their particular role to play'. This all suggests the unity between all of the classes and establishes further why these reforms played such an important part in Disreali's time as Prime Minister. The final idea was that of Disreali simply wanting political gain. Historians believe this, as looking over Disreali's manifestos etc.

they seem to agree that Disreali had no clearly marked policies, they were all very general, and most of them were based on ideas that Gladstone and other MP's had set up before hand. In some ways the historian's ideas are need to be considered, although looking over everything you can see that this was not purely for political gain. Disreali achieved many good things while Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, laying the foundations for future reforms and changes in areas that had never previously been considered. In 1880 the Conservatives fell from power this happened for lots of reasons.

Many of theses reasons were because of the other politician's thought that what Disreali had done over seas with the foreign affairs. They often thought that because of all the time that he was spending with matters abroad, that he sometime forgot them problems that were happening closer to home. This period of time also showed the retirement of Gladstone from Office. The Liberals had a new leader, he was very organised and prepared in his work which led the rest of the Liberal government to follow in his good example. This did not reflect the Conservatives as from 1874 they had 'stagnated' and were 'caught unprepared for the election'.

Though Disreali did face many problems getting to be Prime Minister and Party Leader because of his background, his lifestyle. Then the way his reforms, at both at home and abroad were received by others either in Office, or member's public. It seems that at the time that no one could be pleased when ever he did anything right for the public and Britain. Though he did seem to over through those opinions and get on with what he want to do, helping those less fortunate than himself. By struggling against everything and finally doing what he really wanted to do makes him successful.