Discrimination slavery

This is a strategy which is mostly used by white supremacy and power groups. It involves denial that racism exists in their activities, and instead rationalizing their cause as the desire to protect the white race from attacks by non-white groups and prevent assimilation. These types of hate groups use a moderate message to conceal their racist agenda. This strategy is also used by non-white hate groups for similar purposes. Intellectualism and pseudo-science.

This is a strategy which is used by some hate groups to mask their cause, and involves the use of academics and scholars in order to make their ideology appear credible. For instance, the 1995 Oklahoma city bombing has been said to have been inspired by neo-Nazi literature which was released by Dr William Pierce. It involved a fictional account of the racialist revolution. Historical revisionism This is a strategy which involves the distortion of past historical events which reflect past cases of hate group activities.

For instance, a common example is the denial of the Holocaust by some hate groups. This involves either the denial that the Holocaust ever took place, or downplaying its extent. An example is an article which questions the death of six million people in the holocaust, which is written by Zundel. Patriotism. This is a strategy which involves the masking of activities of hate groups under the guise of patriotism. It is usually applied by hate groups which target people of different nationalities due to historical reasons or other concerns.

The members of these hate groups view their activities as a means of protecting their countries from invasion by foreign nationals. Misinformation. This involves hiding the ideology and beliefs of hate groups under seemingly noble activities or messages. It involves distorting noble messages and feeding hate messages to people who access these materials. It also uses forums which were originally intended to discuss noble activities to pass hate messages through distortion of the original message. Hate symbols.

This is a strategy which involves developing a symbol which the hate group identify with; one which reflects their ideology, to enable the message to be spread much faster. These symbols provide the members of the hate groups with a sense of belonging and power. The symbols are also used to elicit insecurity and fear to potential victims, and an example is the Ku Klux Klan burning cross or the Nazi swastika. Motivators of hate groups. There are different factors which lead to the emergence of hate groups and some of them are discussed below; Past historical injustices.

This is one of the most common motivators for the emergence of hate groups. Many hate groups emerge after certain groups of people commit undesirable acts against them. The hate groups are subsequently formed to prevent similar attacks against them or to avenge these acts. For instance, black supremacists hate group is mostly inspired by the atrocities which were committed against black people during the mid 20th century, which included discrimination, slavery, unequal opportunities and others. This group aims at preventing similar attacks as well as avenging those atrocities.