Discrimination Act Sample

When carrying out a PEST analysis, you have to take into consideration the workforce planning. This is when an organisation plans to recruit staff, this includes the process from producing documents such as job adverts, application forms, job description, person specification, interviewing to training and induction.


When a teacher at Greenford High School is applying for job at Greenford High School, the recruiting staffs has taken out a PEST analysis for them. Because the teacher's jobs are mainly involved with the students, regulations are applied for them to follow. One important factor each teacher must have, is to have a clean criminal record. This is so the students aren't in any danger. To make sure she has no criminal record, the school has to conduct a Criminal Records Bureau. When carrying out this, they have to check she they have no previous convictions, haven't broken the law and are committed to working with the students.

Teacher who are involved with dangerous equipment such as science teacher and technology teachers have to go through a health and safety training procedure in which they are given safety tips, hazards of the work place and thing to do and not to do such as keeping wires tucker in where nobody can trip over them and keeping dangerous equipment away. When creating a job application it is against the law for them to ask their age as it is breaking the Age Discrimination Act. They are also not allowed to reject a teacher or treat them differently on the basis of her age as it is also breaking Age Discrimination Act.

They cannot also reject a teacher based on the gender as it is breaking the Sex Discrimination Act for example a school may feel a male can only apply to teach design technology as it is dealing with heavy machinery and dangerous equipment which cannot be carried out by a female.

However there is only one occasion in which they can employ someone based in their gender. They can only do this if it is stated in the job applicant for example if the school needs a teacher for PE to look after the girls. This role can only be given to females. Another discrimination act that affects the Greenford High School is the Race Relations Act. This act means a person cannot be discriminated on the basis of their race.

Every teacher must be paid a minimum 5.73 an hour according to the minimum wage act. This doesn't affect teachers with important roles such as Mr Manby or Mr Horsley; people who are higher up the organisational triangle but it does affect teachers like Angela or Sheila who are lower down on the organisation triangle.

Every teacher in Greenford High School must be treated equally. They cannot, for example, give one teacher a promotion and not give it to another teacher even though they have worked better and harder than the teacher who got the promotion.


London weighting is when someone gets paid a little bit more if they work in London as the cost of living in London if more expensive compared to living in another city in England such as Birmingham or Leeds. If someone doesn't live in London but works there, they still receive London Weighting. London Weighting only applies to civil servants, teacher's police officers and airline employees.

England is currently in the recession. This means that jobs are less secure and people are more likely to be made redundant. However, because the teachers are working, they are working public sector. This means they are likely to keep her job and it encourages them when applying to Greenford High school.

The majority of the teachers live inside London. The house prices in London are extremely high so they are likely to take out a mortgage. Due to the increase in interest rate, they will find it difficult to repay the mortgage. Tax rate has affected teachers like Mr Manby and Mr Cramer who make over 35,000 a year. This means they get 40% tax on their salaries. This can severely affect them especially due to the current economic crises. The pound is becoming a weaker currency compared to the dollar and euro. This affects the teacher if they want to their exchange currency when going on holiday to a foreign country.