Dimensional Approach

Chief of Police Sir, it has come to my attention to resolve the issue as to the ongoing illegal street racing and underage drinking in Westwood Community. I have therefore come up with a way to resolve the matter using the SARA method. Scanning – The police has been receiving a lot of complaints from the residents of the community regarding the ongoing illegal street racing. The residents are concerned that this may lead to accidents and even death among the racers themselves and those of innocent people.

The police have gathered data as to the number of calls that were made by the complainants. To date, for the past two weeks there have been ten different calls from concerned residents reporting about the illegal street racing that occurs between twelve midnight up to the early morning of the next day. The callers wanted to keep their identity anonymous but the police have verified that these are valid calls. Further, there have been reports from the people living in the community that there are some incidents of underage drinking.

These drinking sprees have resulted to fights among the minors themselves thus, the community has echoed their concern and wants the police to act upon the matter immediately. Analysis- Our unit has already responded to the call by making a surveillance regarding the reported crimes to verify the truth thereof. Our department has made some on-call visits to the reported place where the illegal racing was reported to occur. The police acted as civilians to pose as spectators and we have confirmed that there are indeed illegal racings that are happening within the community.

The problem that our department took note of is that there are a lot of dark alleys within the community which does not have enough security to guard the premises. Thus, these prove as a convenient place for the illegal racing to occur. The racers as the offenders take advantage of these unguarded places to the prejudice of the residents who are victims in this case since they are deprived of their time to rest during these early morning hours.

Most of the residents living in the area are elderly people and they cannot rest given the noise of these cars. As to the underage drinking problem, the police also made a surveillance to determine the identity of these minors who engage in drinking. Based on the reports gathered, these minors would ask somebody to purchase their alcohol for them and they would pay the latter an extra amount then they would now engage in drinking which often results to fights among them to the disadvantage of the residents.

Response- Our department has come up with a way to address the problem permanently. First, as to the illegal street racing, the problem can be resolved by deploying security within the premises. There are no police posts or security guard to watch over these streets, thus there is a need for the police to prevent these racers to engage in their illegal act. There would also be a need to request the local government to provide for adequate street lights so that the place would be lighted and well guarded.

As to the problem of underage drinking, the police and the local government should work together to give a curfew to minor children not to stay out late at night beyond 10 or 11 pm. Further, the convenience stores or other stores selling alcohol should be informed to be cautious with their sales of alcohol beverage so that these could not be purchased by minors. Assessment- These implemented methods would be observed within a period of thirty days to determine if it is successful and if there has been a total elimination of the problems.

Thereafter, a new report would be submitted for the progress of this problem. Reference: 1. Community Oriented Policing Services US Department of Justice. Community Policing: A Dimensional Approach. Retrieved on May 3, 2009 from website http://www. kycops. org/onlineCourse/guidebooks/Guidebook11. doc. 2. Crime Reduction. Practical Skills. Retrieved on May 3, 2009 from website http://www. crimereduction. homeoffice. gov. uk/skills/skills04. htm. 3. Problem Solving Partnerships using the SARA model. Retrieved on May 3, 2009 from website http://www. iaca. net/Articles/POPandSARA. pdf.