Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

The candidate was against the deportation of the illegal immigrants but rather, he preferred them to be penalized for their misconduct against the nation’s laws (Heer 1996). This is seen as appositive action upon the immigrants as deporting them will end up increasing the expenditure of the nation and yet the economy is low at present. It will also allow the immigrants to continue with their lives peaceful as deporting hem will mean to locate their origin of which some of the does not even remember their home country at present.

The candidate was mainly concerned with the use of one language in the nation. This was up to assimilate the refugees who come in the country so that they also train in the use of the English as a language in the country (John 2008). This he was more concerned with the improvement of the country’s economy as one language in the nation tends to bring unity in the nation and thus the increase in the economy status in the country. This is seen as appositive aspect among the policies as it will allow for the unity among the citizens and the refugees in the country.

CONCLUSION In finale, we can say that the candidate was more concerned with the establishment of the boundaries for the nation of which will assist his in protecting his people in the country. He was also concerned with the progression of the American citizen, their comfort ability in the country and allow their needs be catered for by the government in the nation as compared to the refugees in the country. Other than that, he was also concerned with the unity among the refugees in that they had to unite as from where they come from and live as a family in the nation.

This is also evident when he tries to strive for the use of one language in the country. With all these, he was mainly concerned with the security of the nation together with its people as a whole. REFERENCE Solberg A (2006): A Nation by Design: Immigration Policy in the Fashioning of America. Harvard University Press Savage C (2006): McCain Pushes Immigration Policy, Overhaul Globe Newspaper Company, 23 February 2006. Retrieved from http://www. boston. com/news/nation/washington/articles/2006/02/23/mccain_pushes_immigration_policy_overhaul/ on 26th November 2008

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