Democratic Society

Modern police forces were initially established in big urban centers. This was because the increasing population of these cities resulted in several social problems and as a result the ratio of crime started to increase. Thus the main function of police after maintaining order in the society was to curb crimes. The modern urban societies faced a sharp rise in crime rate during the industrial period and the authorities were forced to take measures to curb crime.

That’s why first full time police organizations were established in big metropolises like London and New York City. In the past few decades the function of crime fighting have become so broad and wide scale that special police forces were established to fight against especial crimes. Like FBI, Anti Narcotics Forces and Anti Terrorism forces. Special units were also established to maintain law and order in highly critical and dangerous situations like the S. W. A. T. forces in the United States. (Police Functions) Police’s main role is its understood right to use force when necessary.

Police also has the authority to retrieve information about the civilians and individuals in order to know about illicit activities. (Wiechmann, 2007) The over all review of police functions shows that there has not been any radical change in the modern police organizations since their formation.

The changes in the police functions are only because of some specific changes in the trends of crime and social behaviors of individuals.


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