Democratic means

It is on this backdrop that the UAE has continued to be prevailed upon by leading World Powers, International Organisations such as the United Nations through the Defense and Non Proliferation of Weapons Committee and the European Commission, in conjunction with the International Trading Community such as the World Trading Organisation, that the UAE accounts for the wealth that it has on an annual basis, in respect to global safety.

This comes in the wake of suspicions that are rife concerning the trading and the commercial activities that take place within the Arab world, and more specifically, in the Muslim nations. In this sense, the UAE’s benevolence has been called to question at times by these organisations. This is because, speculations have lately soared highly concerning the connection between commercial organisations in the Arab or / and Muslim world with terrorist activities that have during the last decade of the 20th century, been seen to have gone highly technical and systematic.

This is according to United States Congress (2001, 512) This follows the fact that these terrorist activities have been lately seen to engage the use of sophisticated weapons, techniques, expensive training, teaching and indoctrination programmes and lucrative awards to the families of those who die in the quest to carry out terrorist attacks. The reason as to why Islamic commercial organisations that are usually international have become the object of suspicion is two fold.

In the first case, the increase in the number of commercial and corporate activities in the Arab and Muslim world has been always seen to have grown in tandem and in proportion with Islamic fundamentalism as a version of terrorism. In the second case, more suspicions have come in, following the failure in the Islamic business and corporate sectors to unwrap the mystery that has always enshrouded the management and the place of destination for business and corporate interest. This is because, according to Shariah law, the practice of taking interests remains an act that is totally proscribed.

However, more twists come into this affair, following the fact that the Muslim world or the Muslim fraternity has never come forward to elucidate on where the proceeds or the profits that emanate from Islamic organisations as a result of the accumulated but uncollected interests go. Up to the present, there are only generalisations and adumbrations that have been made concerning the fate of these accumulated and uncollected interests with cases of these values being used to carry out charitable organisations being cited.

Nevertheless, it is true that there are no Islamic or Arab owned organisations, and especially the macroeconomic organisations that take to give a clean record of account on how these interests were or are used. This state of affair leaves the corporate or the business entities that are owned by Arabs or / and those that are under the ownership of Muslims as the prime suspects of primary or the principal sponsors of terrorist activities and Islamic activities.

As far as the UAE is concerned, it has never managed to extricate itself from these rounds of suspicions and professional and business misgivings that surround the Islamic and the entire Arab world. The fact that the UAE at the present remains an outfit that is predominantly Muslim, does not help things either. This is because, the UAE as an outfit, takes to practice a highly hereditary way of accessing power. At the same time, UAE does not issue her statements of accounts to the public domains for scrutiny.

This state of affairs has never augured with the interests of the UAE well. This follows the fact that the the UAE has an outfit remained shunned by the rest of the players in the international trade, relations, diplomacy and law. This is especially due to this aforementioned suspicion. The very aspect of corporate misgivings has also facilitated the keeping away of the potential investors in shares. This has in the long run robbed the UAE of possible investors in the UAE shares.

Following the above illustration, it is therefore not so hard to see the very underpinnings that beset the operations and the sustainability, expansion, profitability of the UAE. The prospects of this development is so serious such that the rest of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula and those that are the UAE member states are being prevailed upon by the rest of its citizenries to tamper the outlook of the UAE staff with people from other religions.