Democracy: Muhammad and Actual Democratic States

?The actual democratic states are the one which are also the welfare states. The states like Norway, Denmark and Finland are the welfare states. The people select the people who are going to lead the country and the people then work hard for the betterment of the people who select them. They work for the welfare of the people and take the leadership as a pure responsibility towards the state and towards the people as well. This article started a new debate in the corners of the country. People started thinking what actually is democracy?

Is it the way we select the Leaders or is it the way they actually run Government? Is our prosperity important or the system? Is the system built for the people or the people are made for the system? These questions are still unanswered and these are the real talking points about the system of government According to the thinkers and decision makers, Democracy is still the best revenge. It is the best form of Government in a country like Pakistan. According to many of those, it is an extension of the form of Government which was established in Islamic states at the time of Khalifa.

4 caliphates followed Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and all of them were selected or elected through different forms. On a concluding note, we can say that Democracy is one of the best system of Government for Pakistan, according to many. It is denied by many critics on sound bases but still Pakistan need its continuation for the betterment of the country. We really need to work hard for the better system implementation of Democracy in Pakistan which is the dire need of this time. Revenge from Education In education sector no attention is being paid to raise the literacy level and instead the education budget is being cut down.

HEC (Higher Education Commission) which was playing a vital role in raising the standards of higher education is going to be dissolved and its budget has also been cut. Revenge from Judiciary Though all provincial and federal governments boast about the rule of law and independence of judiciary but the fact is they never mean it. Every government tries to put hindrances against smooth functioning of judiciary. Numerous examples are available. NRO case, Steel Mill case, Hajj Scam, NICL case and many more. Government is making all efforts to stop judiciary from taking action against culprits.

Revenge from the Poor Since the last few months Pakistan is dramatically short of food – UN categorizes Pakistan among the few countries where a civil movement can be triggered by the food crisis. Is Pakistan heading towards a civil war? We have started our journey on this track. Every time we stop on a red light, someone knocks on the glass for money. This list will go on and on. The need of the hour is that our rulers should understand the miseries of the people and should work for the interests of the people as they have to come back to people for getting elected during next elections which are not so far.