Democracy Is One of the Most Challenging Political System

Democracy give chance for people to vote. A very ideal form of government when you think about it. But in reality, democracy is one of the most challenging political system. That is why it will often result into violence. Having too much freedom causes people to express more and show their political ideas very visibly. When the majority disagree with the government, they will let the government feel their disapproval. In return, the government will need to act and solve the fiasco that is happening. The word violence is not really good in our ears when we first heard it. The connotation that most people has is that violence is not good for the country because it will only harm the general public. Sometimes violence is the key for peace. It may sound contradicting to many but it’s the truth. Political violence should be the last resort to consider to gain peace and order.

According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy should be for the people, of the people and by the people. So why resort to violence if it is for the people itself? Because if the government didn’t seize the situation, a further and deeper problem will rise. The first goal is to fix the problem according to law and proper process. If the government didn’t succeed with the first goal, they should stop the fire from spreading before it burns everything. What I mean is while the political disagreement is not yet that huge or phenomenal, they can start using some force to settle the conflict. But political violence has a lot of types and factors to consider. It is not just about physical, verbal, or mental violence. It can also be in a form of depriving basic rights and freedom to someone or a group of people.

Political violence is a violence perpetrated by people or governments to achieve political goals. It can describe violence used by a state against other state or against non-state actors. The most notable example of political violence are police brutality, counter-insurgency, and genocide. In a way, political violence is really necessary to achieve a better political goal. But only up to a certain point. It shouldn’t go to a point of killing civilians and letting our police officers to decide and kill who they think is guilty. As a democratic country, we cannot avoid these violence to happen. What the administration is doing is really unlawful and unjust. Mr. Duterte together with his police force is overruling the constitution and using violence that is not helpful at all. Just what like I said, it is ideal to use violence but only to a certain point.

Because they are not just killing those people, they are also depriving them of basic rights. Plus the fact that they did not provide proper trial before deciding whether those suspects is guilty or not is just wrong. Just like what every lawyer has said, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The current issue about our farmers can also be considered as violence. Our farmers is selling their hard earned grain of rice for as low as seven pesos. Due to the law that requires us to import rice from other countries, they are being forced to sell their crops at a very low price. While the senator who proposed this law are gaining millions or even hundred of millions in housing projects. Forcing the poor landowners to sell their land and will use violence if they refuse.

This is just an example of pure violence. But it can be political because someone is exerting power for self interest. In majority political violence is necessary in a democratic country if and only if it is executed well. Some might say that it is better to be feared than to be loved. Saying that violence is necessary doesn’t mean that I don’t care about other people or my morality is dead. If doing this things will result to a better governance then do it. Being traditional is good but accepting innovation for the greater good is better. There are a lot of example and events that I will present to prove that my claim is right. This not just based on my opinion but rather based on facts and history that already happened. Political violence can be ideal and a nightmare at the same time,

World War I is a very remarkable event in our history. In every history books it is impossible to not mention about it. An event that change thousand of lives. Why do people even think about doing these kind of things? Insanity? Of course not. They had bigger goals in their mind. To be honest, a common person only knew that a lot of people died in World War. That is true but we can also look on a brighter side of it. New technologies was discovered because of different interactions from different countries. The World War I also boosted research technology that lead to modern day discoveries. It could have been avoided but it already happened so might as well be positive about it. It also gives the idea of alliance system. It’s true that it was a bloody time in our history.

Saying that it also causes a lot of political achievements doesn’t mean I supported what they did. It will only show that even in the most violent event there is a purpose that will be served. The war also resulted to greater acceptance toward women. Due to lack of human resources, women proves that they can also do jobs that previously only men were able to do. When it comes to World War II it resulted to high employment especially in the United States. Which lead to their economic prosperity.

Violence is not only for the government to do. The general public can also be the one to initiate the violence to reach their political goal. Most specially if they find the government ineffective, incompetent, and corrupt. As they are the one who elected the man in power, they also has the say on whether he will stay or not. Ousting a political leader is nothing new to the world. It was done in a form of revolution or legal approach. Rallying to gain attention is a very common way for their voices to be heard not only by the media but also the government. It will also lead to boycotting of work or striking in a long period of time.

Clan wars of political families can also be an example of political violence. For the sake of achieving power towards each other and of a certain territory, they are willing to do anything. Political dynasty is very popular in our country and most of them wants it to remain that way. Because being in power also means they can do whatever they accustomed to do. It is not all good of course. For example, the chaos between the Ampatuan clan and Mangudadatu clan. It lead to a devastating lost of media people. Members of the Mangudadatu clan was also found dead. The cars used by the family and the media people was buried in a massive land.

That’s how scary clan wars that includes violence can be. But why is it still happening until today? Because it is our human instinct to want power. When their human nature about claiming superiority took over, they are willing to do anything just to satisfy their self. The political parties can also be violent sometimes. Killing their opponents just to ensure their success. Should it manifest to killing someone just for the sake of having a position in the government? I don’t think so. Because it will only disregard the main purpose of democracy. Which is to let the majority decide who they want to be in charge of the government. Which why I kept on saying that violence is ideal only to a certain point but not all the time.

Especially when the reason and expected outcome is just dumb from the get go. But there are a lot of factors to consider first before claiming that it should be totally stopped or should be continued. One point of view is not enough for this kind of issue. Political violence is very broad and deep to deal with. Deciding whether it is ideal or not can be really hard. A thorough analysis should be done and proper research about it. Putting argument after another will help to deeply understand the cause and effect of political violence. Our country can be a good example for exploiting political violence with all the issues that is happening at the moment. According to the newspaper Philippine Star, political violence has always been a part of the Filipino culture. Which is very true even when we go back to the time before and after the Spanish colonization.

Revolution is a very effective way of showing disappointment and disapproval towards the government. There are countless of successful revolution in history. A good example that all of us can actually relate is the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Even before the actual revolution, a lot of our fellow Filipinos are already fighting for freedom. If we didn’t resort to any form of political violence we will definitely not succeed. We became a colony of Spain for more than 300 years and we are treated like slaves in our own land. First they used violence for them to overrule our country and they continue exerting force to keep us under their sleeves.

Due to lack of knowledge, strength, and nationalism, we became their colony for a long period of time. But after the world trade was opened to us it causes liberal ideas to enter our minds. Even our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal uses some sort of violence multiple times in his life. When he was a kid, he fought with his teacher’s son who is bullying him. He asked to duel a Spaniard who criticized his work Noli Me Tangere. He was even included in a bloody riot of students in Madrid. It shows that even Rizal can use violence if necessary. When fighting for something that is really important, you really can’t avoid to hurt someone. Our brave fellow Filipinos who fought with the Spanish government planned a revolution because it is what we needed. They analyzed the situation in a very political way to understand every aspect of it. At first the Propagandist only wants for the Philippines to became a regular province of Spain. Because they didn’t even give us the simple thing that we want, a bigger and bolder revolution occur. When the KKK was established and everyone is ready and willing to fight, the real revolution happened.

It is very visible in this kind of situation that this political violence became ideal to democracy. Because they are fighting for freedom and equality of the basic rights. The Spanish government also deprived the Filipinos to receive our basic rights and stopping our freedom of speech and expression. It is also a form of political violence. Not hurting physically but putting them in a hard situation to achieve a certain goal. War is a kind of political violence that no one actually win. Technically there is a winner but the damage and the casualties from the said war cannot be forgotten. As much as possible we should settle every disagreement in a diplomatic way. Because as a specie with high capacity of thinking we should settle things as human as possible and avoid our animalistic behavior to take over us.

The manifestation of political violence is idealistic to democracy. It is important to show the side of both the government and its people. Sometimes a real democracy can be attained by resorting to political violence. With all the examples I stated, it shows that the government uses violence to keep the democracy and the people uses violence to regain democracy. But although a country is very democratic, it can’t be avoided for the government to use some force. There is instances that political violence occur to fight for what they think is right. Terrorism is a major example of that. They use force for them to be feared and make a bold statement. Suicide bombing is a major strategy that they are using. It is very devastating because a lot of innocent people are being included with the bombing. But after this, it is very hard for the government not to notice them.

If there is international organization to maintain the peacefulness within the countries, there is also international group of terrorist that fight for their political beliefs. This behavior is acquired because their opinion is being neglected not only by the government but also by the public. In conclusion to their claim of better governance, another political move will be processed to counter their actions. The government will now act accordingly by also using violence to stop the current situation. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth just like what they say. The use of violence can be brutal but the result is not always negative. Sometimes in order to reach the paradise you need to sacrifice something. You sacrifice the peace and order to acquire a better governance and restore peace right after achieving the purpose of your sacrifices.

It’s a process that is really inevitable. Political violence can also be defined as violence outside of state control that is politically motivated. All types of violence can be considered as political violence as long as it is politically motivated. According to Judith Butler in her lecture at Yale University in 2016, no one has the right to choose whether someone deserves to be hurt or not. But she also said that political violence can be executed if it is legal violence. A very reasonable decision should be decided before using violence. Which means if it is still following the constitution and law of human it could be ethical. There are professional political critiques but all the members of a particular society should be critique of his or her own government. There are two approach of power that contradicts the first statement of Butler.