Democracy and globalization

From the above explanation, it can be said that there is no political system in the world which does not have international interference. Hence democracy cannot be possible in a place where there is no free will, freedom to express and freedom of speech. Globalization on one hand has increased awareness in case of human rights, but has certainly decreased the number of people exercising these rights. The world is going towards a global culture, how is it possible to have democracy in such limited social and economic existence, where the cultural identity of people is also dependent on the changes in the world.

Globalization is certainly destroying democracy and is affecting it in a negative sense. The democratic structure all over the world is now operating in a limited area. The world has become materialistic and the people are living a materialistic life. Organizations are finding new ways to earn more profits and people are finding ways to increase their wages. Developing nations are becoming developed and the economies of developed nations are falling. The future of democracy is dependent on the struggle between globalization and democracy.

Up till now it can be noticed that globalization is increasing and more and more countries are entering the global economy. Today, if one thing happens in one part of the world, it affects many other nations. For example; after the September 11 attacks in the United States, many policies including the immigration policies have changed. Muslims all over the world are being scrutinized more, before they are given a green card, passport or even a visa . Hence, it can be noticed, that due to globalization, no change can only be a national or a country wide change; all the changes are international and global.

During the last few years of the twentieth century, globalization grew very rapidly and democracy was also at a rise. However, today many people predict that if globalization keeps on growing with this pace it will certainly extinct democracy. Are democracy and globalization really connected and do they have influence on each other? The search for greater profitability spreads through the society. The boundaries which separate the political sovereignty are then lost. If the political sovereignty of a country is reduced, so will be the effectiveness of the democratic system.

Democracy does not just require the legality of state. It requires other things also. Such as freedom of expression and speech or in other words liberty. Freedom to express or freedom to vote is another name for democracy, which is not confined to just political systems of the world. A democratic system can e used in firms and in organizations too, where it is needed. Another thing which democracy needs is a fair distribution of resources. With all these, does globalization really undermine democracy? Yes it does. For a political democratic system to prosper and even work, it has to have ability to take free decisions.