Delinquency Deterrence Response

Throughout life’s time, juveniles have committed crimes for various reason from peer pressure- to-finding themselves as to how they will fit best amongst this world. Most juveniles recognize there are consequences in which they have to deal with, when their criminal-like behavior warrants that punishment. Whereas others may be opposed to it, simply because they feel as though it is not necessary to punish them on such behavior-since he/she is just a minor with problems.

Nonetheless, having consequences helps juveniles to better understand that if they do not want to be severely punished then it would be in the best interest for them not to commit the criminal acts. Moreover, general deterrence is the notion of understanding that there is a chastisement incorporated with the criminal activity, should the juvenile decide to commit an act of crime. In knowing this, some juveniles will make smarter decisions as-well-as turn against committing a crime, since they know the strong possibilities of them having to deal with such harsh punishment.

For example, if a juvenile is contemplating robbing someone’s property, this individual also knows the likelihood of he/she getting caught through forensic science (evidence) causing the juvenile to be charged with a crime; along with having their parent(s) involved in such an unfortunate situation. Specific deterrence is the conception of punishing the juvenile with a more harsh punishment for committing a crime that is more unreasonable than others, which law-makers hope will structure them more, to prevent repeated crimes in the future.

For example, a juvenile caught setting a building on fire will most likely have to serve time in a juvenile facility for committing such a terrible and therefore, will not be able to be within their parent’s custody during that time, instead of being released into their parent’s custody. Having this experience as a minor should place enough fear into the juvenile to realize that jail is not an exciting place to be and all the fun things that being a minor offer would be a lot better than jail.