Deliberate delay and lack of funding for EEOC

Obama’s appointments have caused many to question his true inclination to reform the system or merely obfisticate the issue of reform while paying lip service to it and only continuing the policies of the past. This includes the promotion of the former deputy of the DEA to now run the agency, despite Obama’s promise to stop raiding drug dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal (now 14). In fact last year, marijuana busts in the first year of the Obama Presidency were higher than in any year under Bush.

The following are just a few of the most disappointing Obama appointments that will continue to perpetuate a government culture of white collar government criminals: To the surprise of many, despite what everyone knows are massive problems and fraud in the Medicaid and Medicare systems, Obama waited a full year to nominate the head of the agency at the federal level to oversee such investigations.

To put this in perspective, just in Texas, which has traditionally one of the, if not the lowest spending per capita per resident on Medicaid per resident of any state of the resident, elected a DA in 2004, who decided to make Medicaid fraud a top priority. In less than six years on the job, his team has collected more money, thanks to successful prosecutions, than the entire budget spent on the program statewide for X years.

Obama has also appointed the former chief corporate counsel of GE to the leading environmental litigation post at Justice, a highly questionable move when one considers that GE is the largest polluter in America outside of the U. S. government. And GE is partnered with Google, a presidential advisor and contractor, in cleantech development, including energy generation, which is often not environmentally friendly. And unfortunately, government agencies find too many ways, particularly for “White House friends and corporate campaign backers” to manipulate environmental impact data, studies that are used before such projects are launched.

Obama’s nomination to ODEP, the Department of Labor’s special section on people with disabilities is so discriminatory that she officially believes that a population with a 90% unemployment rate (which is 20% of the country), mostly lives in poverty, has no affirmative action, has no proper access to healthcare, housing, literally has lesser contractual value, and even the government discriminates in such blatant ways that less than 1% of the federal workforce has a disability (working on average 2 grades lower, at grade 8 than their able bodied peers) and who’s unemployment rate is never recorded in “official unemployment figures” by the Federal Department of Labor because this population is considered so worthless, and inferior, stated publically that the disabilities community is “treated no differently than anyone else. ” Obama nominated, and Congress then approved, a man by the name of Andre Davis to the 4th Circuit Court of appeals, who had only once ruled in favor of a plaintiff in an ADA employment case in fourteen years on the bench.

He had also done things like thrown out a plaintiff’s case who missed a filing deadline based on an EEOC mistake (which by law he is not allowed to do), and in general has been so hostile to the law, that a supposedly pro disability president, who made such a big deal about Soto Mayer’s appointment to the Supreme Court because SHE had a relatively mild disability, when most ADA cases never even make it to the first round of court in the first place, much less the Supreme Court, is not only cynical, but actually criminal. Obama’s entire financial team needs to be replaced. Enough discussion of the people who comprise it has already occurred to repeat their names, but their mere positions of power and decision making in this administration represents not only continuation of further failed policies, not to mention no “Change we Can Believe in,” and smacks of further corruption, white collar crime and conflict of interest.

And finally, while there are many other issues that could be discussed here, from Obama’s continuation of Bush policies which undermine Constitutional rights (including FISA, habeas corpus, privacy, and even rights for people with disabilities) one of the more disgusting Obama “adjustments on his position” is the continuing raids on pot pharmacies in the states where it is legal, even when he promised not to do so. Apparently the President thinks he’s above the law. That is the recipe for a white collar dictator. The EEOC, the nation’s top agency responsible for enforcing discrimination laws in the workforce is so overworked and underfunded, not to mention flooded with a historical backlog of cases, that the average investigation time at the moment is over three years from the time a plaintiff files a claim. The legislative mandate for the agency is that they finish investigations in less than a year. Not only has Obama waited for over a year to even ask for a minor amount of funding to help this process (i. e.

hire new investigators), but his own hiring policies are so discriminatory that he actually had to ask his chief female advisors if he had a “woman problem” (all three senior women who actually work at the White House) and if there really was the much criticized “boy’s club” atmosphere at 1600 Penn. Of course these women weren’t going to tell their boss, who also hired Larry Summers to be his chief economic advisor (famous for his comments on women’s biological inferiority in all things having to do with math, science and economics). The President decided to set up a working women’s lunch to address the problem anyway. He attended the first one to kick off the idea.

He hasn’t attended since. And promptly cut abortion funding out of all government sponsored medical insurance programs. And this genius wonders why he has a “woman problem? ” Despite Long term unemployment that is unprecedented in American history, Congress has decided to cut off unemployment funds at 99 weeks, when it is already clear that many people have already been out of work for much longer than that. No discussion has even taken place about what to do about that situation. It was a struggle just to get extension of additional unemployment benefits to 99 weeks nationally in every state. And this in a country with no social net. What is DC doing?