Death Penalty Information Center

The first victim when the wrong person is accused is the criminal itself. If a jury falsely accuses a person of a crime they did not commit with a sentence to death, they can not take it back. It will be too late. The person will not be able to get their life back. Every year four innocent people are put to death. (Death Penalty Information Center) The criminal which is tagged as guilty beyond reasonable doubt will forever be the victim of accusation. His/her freedom is stolen and becomes the center of criticisms, unjust treatment and wrong judgments.

People merely thinks that he or she is the worst people on earth particularly on the side of the victim on a particular crime. There is no way for him or her to defend innocence because the judgment has been done. Integrity and trust over their personality is also set aside because of the accusations that was made. People no longer trust an accused person. Trauma is there and the confidence and morale of the accused is greatly damaged. Their family is also another victim. It is considered as sins that will be taken up from their generation sand their future children and grandchildren.

The humiliations is totally there for the family of the accused. They are bombarded on all sides by critiques who treat them as the worst people on earth. Mostly they choose tom hide and move to a different place to forget the bad and unjust judgment that was set over their beloved relative which is wrongly accused. Justice itself and the people who made wrong judgments on a certain case is a victim on this case. Because the evidence and the investigation that was made is not credible enough in doing accusations over a wrong person.


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