Death Penalty Essay Example

The death penalty has been most talked about for years, to some it is an unfair way to pass judgment on a person. The argument went as far as to say that conforming to such a method is a step backwards and offers no real solution. Critic Coretta Scott King argued strongly against the practice and rebukes the idea. One can always say what they want about the matter but insufficient knowledge with hinder their judgment. The death penalty ought to be considered as a means of punishment for those who commit ghastly murders.

For the longest while we have been plagued by psychopath murderers and thugs who have done nothing but target innocent civilians. As a nation we are expected to provide maximum security for the citizens but this is being hampered by the criminal networks that have been created by gang members and lone fugitives. First point that should be considered is that a criminal is bad citizen who is out to eliminate the state and demoralize its character.

Having criminals behind bars is no safe net for the victims who may have survived an ordeal. It is often painted that a criminal behind bars is up for rehabilitation but such is not the case, as some criminals behind bars simply like the feeling that they are behind bars for a gruesome act of murder. Some may argue that justice is best served when the criminal remains behind bars, but the opportunity for escape or a future release still lingers.

Second point is that a man ought to be repaid the same measure as his cruel act of murder. If you were to analyze such a statement with one eye closed then you would fail to see the bigger picture that exists. How can it be that we live in a world that simply puts away the unemotional individuals for useless rehabilitation? What will stop them from committing the same acts of injustice once released or a successful escape?

In King’s critic she made mentions “an evil deed is not redeemed by an evil deed,” Demolishing the evil that plagues our society is a guaranteed strategy for removing criminal minds in our society. Having utilized the death penalty says we are eradicating the evil from our society with use of an effective justice system. Thirdly capital punishment serves a warning to future criminals that the laws are in working order and will be maximized once tested.

Individuals who constantly break the law in most cases do so with the intention of going to prison as a vacation spot, where the tax paying citizens money will sustain them, so then they are not deterred from murdering innocent individuals. In king’s critic she made mention that “ capital punishment makes irrevocable any possible miscarriage of justice” The flaw in that statement is that we are in a modern day society where the opportunity for making sure that the person who is standing trial for a murder is worthy to even stand trial in the first place.

Eliminating the bad apples cannot be simply putting them in a basket by themselves; they should be discarded as useless garbage. What does it profit us to harbor criminals who have an evil mind to kill? Many may argue that our justice system is not perfect to host such a means of justice, but the thing is that we can no longer play the game of while the grass is growing the horse is starving, instead we should strengthen the judicial system so that the judicial errors made will not save the Psychopath murders and gang members.

Some criminals will always be criminals, rehabilitation for some criminals only seek to pause their actions of evil. The means to which we can eliminate from our society the chain of violence is to implement the death penalty with the intention to warn off or put to rest a criminal mind that has the intention to kill again.