Dbm Case Study

1)For any Car manufacturing industries needs to go through a frontal crash test. General Motors had also builds prototypes which cost around million dollars for each car and test how they react to frontal crash. GM crashes these cars, makes improvements, then make new prototypes and crashes them again. By these crashes GM gets many information for their new design and test results, which they have to share it among around 20000 designers and engineers located in hundreds of divisions and department at 14 design labs, some of them situated in different countries.

Communication and collaboration is needed with design engineers of more than 1000 key vendors (suppliers. They had solved the design process and increased its cost. This is the main reason to get a new Car model to the market. 2)General Motors had done the collaboration with suppliers. With the help of CAD program from EDS known as Unigraphics, allows 3-d design documents to be shared online by both the Internal and External designers and engineers, they are hooked up with the EDS software, in addition collaborative and web-conferencing software tools. Including MS netmeeting and EDS’s eVis.

For an example needed cost reduction of a new seat frame made by Johnson control GM sends its specification for the seat to vendor’s product data system. Supplier’s eMatrix system is integrated with EDS’s in graphics. This integration allows joint searching, designing, tooling and testing of the seat frame in real time. 3)By using IT, any organization can reduce and cut-down the cost for some physical testing like Car model prototype and its crash test, new design development and after production effects etc… For this case study of GM they have to build several prototypes, doing crash test.

Getting information and again do the same after improvement. The information sharing to all the designers and engineers located in varies countries and also to the key suppliers. Now all this things can be done in real time with the help of web-based system, many of the testing can be simulate and get the test results/information against the development at both the end. Because of IT uses the time which was going for physical activities can be reduce hence the final product come to the market in very short time. They had almost cut down the time frame of launching the new model of car from 4 month to the 18 months.

? Case 2 Intranets : invest first, analyze later? 1)Invest first is appropriate if a new technology is required for any new project. Without having data to analyze, authority gives a decision to invest first. For an example now a days if any banking sectors wants to open a new branch having facility of net-banking or e-commerce, then first of all they have to invest and equipped for the latest computer hardware, un-interrupted net-working with it’s HO and other branches , for providing net-banking or e-commerce they should have good servers etc.

Invest first is inappropriate if the initial investment is very high and it can financially wreck the company. In such cases it is batter to have data first to analyze and then to invest. For an example Hotel Sandy at Daman having almost all type of accommodation and it’s good restaurant. Initially they have idea to have Wi-Fi facility, conference hall with full-fledged IT equipments, software which integrate the total hotel activities. But after having almost 3-4 years past data and then decided to have all most all the facility suitable for any business class people because the hotel is also near to the industrial area.

2)Wireless internet technology is the best example for doing e-business or e-commerce where invest first without , analyze later approach used till 1999, but when data is available for analysis, and around in year 2000 when stock values crashed for dotcom or internet based business, the traditional project justification approaches started. 3)There is always a risk when no thorough finanicial analysis done at the start of any project. The risk of insufficient returns or even some time no payback guarantee when we do not go for proper analysis.

By doing proper analysis on time to time basis or some kind of review points can reduce the risks which may impact on financial side of the organization. Managers have to review and if required then stop/kill the projects where costs and benefits are doubtful. 4)8,104,691. 08 at 8% ? Case -3 Putting IT to work at Home Depot 1)To align business and IT operations, Home Depot created one model, known as the Special Projects Support Team(SPST), this team collaborates both with the ISD and business colleagues.

The team is composed of highly skilled employees who are working under several sub-teams with a director and mix of employees who all are reporting to the SPST director. These teams exist until the completion of a project they are dissolved and the members are assigned to new teams. By doing such activities team ensures the focus on most important tasks, the team members selection is the main success because it is always depending upon the Project 2)Matrix structures are the relationships to ensure collaboration among end users, the ISD and the SPST.

Some of the advantages of this design are as following: a)Reduce the functional barriers. b)Bridge the gap between business concept and detailed specifications. c)At the end of project getting maximum benefits by lowest operational costs. d)Reduce communication gap. e)Can get maximum benefits of human resources. f)Promote known, predictable, and manageable work flow events, event sequences, and change management process. The problem may accurs while implimanting this model: a)While making any decision or task the un-cleared hierarchy of authority may cause the conflict.

b)The gap of authority and responsibility. c)The lack of controlled structures. 3)To maintain the structured relationships between ISD and SPST and to ensure that project teams and end-users work together, the IT played the main roll. The team always being constructed of members with different skills and collaborate with the ISD. When SPST migrated to an e-commerce team in Aug. 2000 in order to construct a website supporting a national catalog of products , this project requires the collaboration of virtually every department in Home depot also contracted services were involved.

4)It is important to have a process flow to achieve the strategic initiatives ,it is combined with the organizational structures which is designed to do the following. a)Achieve consensus across departmental boundaries with regard to strategic initiatives. b)Prioritize strategic initiatives. c)By lowering the cost. d)Leverage the extensive code base and leverage function and component reuse. e)Leverage Home Depot’s extensive infrastructure and IS resource base. f)Define key financial elements (cost-benefit analysis, ROI, etc.

) g)Manageable workflow Case-4 Dartmouth College goes wireless 1)Because of Wi-Fi technology , the students of Dartmouth continually developing new application which are suitable for wi-Fi environment. Like Games or Security devices. Students primarily use laptop computers on the network, but now they are using internet-enabled PDAs and cell phones. Beyond the limitation of just texting the message (SMS) now students are submitting their class work, can learn or teach the wireless-based methods.

2)In present world, the Wireless networking and it devices are very common and acceptable thing in our ruting life, for an example Cell phones or iPODS etc. In the same scenario still some of the percentage are complaining due to the overused of wireless systems may resulting the loss of privacy. 3)The over-presence access to substance is possible due to wireless and it improves the learning. Wireless system communicate fast from anywhere anyplace. Wireless gaming provides learning opportunities if the appropriate contents develop.

Professors are using wireless-based teaching methods, promoting discussions, hence student want to give answers, thus significantly increasing participation. 4)Wireless systems gives a huge benefits to the students the flexibility by way of accessing information and communicate via email from anywhere at any time. By this system students can access the entire campus. Mobility enhances the learning due to greater interaction. The wireless system will stands for a long time with more enhancement in terms of greater speed and higher availability.?