Danish Court System

This article reviews the courts role in Danish society, duties, values and objectives. Also there are described the structure of every type of court in Denmark. Article is located on website http://www. scandinavianlaw. se/pdf/51-27. pdf. The Danish courts are composed of the Sumpreme Court, the two high courts, the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court, the Land Registy Court, 24 district courts, the courts of the Faroe Islands, the Appeals Permission board, the Special Court of Final Appeal, the Danish Judicial Appointments Council and the Danish Court Administration.

The Danish Courts exercise the judicial powers of government and resolve issues, including probate, bankruptcy, enforcement, land registration and administrative issues. The Supreme Court is the final court of Appeal in Denmark and is situated in Copenhagen. Supreme Court reviews judgments delivered by High Courts, Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court. There are two high courts in Denmark – the High Court of Western Denmark and the High Court of Eastern Denmark. Appeals from a district court lies to the high courts.

The Copenahgen Maritime and commercial Court hears cases concerning maritime and commercial matters in the Greater Copenhagen area. Disputes arising from registration are settled by the Land Registry Court. District courts hear civil criminal, enforcement, probate and bankruptcy cases. The court of the Faroe Islands hears the same cases as do district courts in other regions of Denmark. The Special Court of Final Appeal deals with disciplinary matters concerning judges or other legal staff employed by the courts.

The Danish Courts are highly respected organisation, which discharges its duties at the highest level of professional competence, service and efficiency. In article also are mentioned some values of the Danish courts, for example, everyone has a right to be treated with respect or judicial independence is a requirement for due process. I think, that this article shows very good structure and power of Danish court system.