Damage caused by unnatural drug usage

Stimulants, depressants, hallucinogenies and opioids are the categories of drugs that most abused by people. Most of those drugs are unnatural and made by using many dangerous chemical materials for human health. The effects of drugs depend on their categories, for example, stimulants like cocaine and cyristal meth cause the user to stay awake much longer than normal but unfortunetley this effect couse damage to brain and eye problems. Another kind of drug ''Depressants'' like Xanax cause the user to feel drowsy and effects the opposites of stimulants, it makes the user sleep longer than normal.

But all those drugs have one common point; they all have negative effects on human health physically and especially psychologicly. According to a report done by the Centers for Disease Control and Provention in 2000, drugs killed more people than alcohol does even the alcohol users are 7 times more than the drug users. Most of the drug addicts start using drugs simply with curiosity to the effect of the drug but unfortunately this action starts a cycle which eventually leads to a chemical dependency to the drug. The drugs does not only effect the user it also effects the family, work life and social life of the user.

A drug addicted person can not handle all the responsibilities that he or she has to handle so it will cause to decreasing the efficiency in work and many problems for couples and children of the drug user. That is why all unnatural drugs have to be illegalized by the goverments and the people have to be educated about the negative effects of those drugs. The drug users are always taking risks because drugs are actually poisons that makes the user feel good but it damages the majority of the organs and prevent the organs to work efficiently.

The general organs that negatively effected by drugs are liver, hearth, lungs, brain and skin. Liver has many important functions like detoxification and protein synthesis. Drugs can cause a wide spectrum of liver damage like hepatitis or necrosis and eventually cause complete liver failure. The liver is also supporting all the organs in our body therefore if the livers normal functions are disrupt, all the organs will be damaged. Also hearth is one of the most negatively effected organ by unnatural drugs.

Using drugs can lead to enlargement of the hearth, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and eventually hearth attack. Lungs and skin is also damaged because of drug abuse. Most of the drug users skin looks unhealthy because their general organs are damaged and loosed their functions so those people look older, even their skin colour change. Chronic use of drugs can kill the brain cells and slow the brain down ,decrease the memory affect and make it difficult to managing the impulses. Those effects in brain do not only effect the user physically it also has psychological damages.

The unnatural drugs are mostly made of many dangerous chemicals that destroys the stability of the users body so some hormons are produced more than normal in the brain furthermore it can cause increasing courage and attempt to violence, hallucinations, loss of interest in food, sex, sports, increasing emotional activities and flashbacks. Hallucinations can feel the user good for the moment but actually it is really dangerous because some hallucinations can be really strong and sometimes the user can not understand if it is a hallucination or real life. Those hallucinations can even lead the user the commit suicide.

Drugs have different effects on users, the same drug make a person relax but for another person it can make the person attempt to violence and threat the people around the user. The drug user can start to ignore the realities and it can damage the users work life and social life. Some drugs like cyristal meth can decrease the interest in food, sex and sports. Cyristal meth effects the part of the brain that organizes the sleeping time of the person and it can cause the person not to sleep for days without eating anything. All those physical and psychological effects damage the persons work life because the person can not work efficiently.

Because of the physical effects the person can feel sick and weak also because of the psychological effects the person can not stay focused. Many families are damaged because of the unnatural drugs. If the one or both of the couples use drugs it can effect their relationship negatively and break the family and the children of the couple will effect too because of this. Sometimes children use drugs without knowing it, there are many drugs that look like something to eat and children can swallow them depending on the drug and its amount it can cause to brain damage and even death.

Most of the drugs cause people to not act normal so they disturb the people in public and they can be dangerous for other people. For an example if a chronic drug user will try to drive a car it will threat all the people around him/her. Drugs are dangerous for the user and also for the people around the user. Abusement of unnatural drugs has been a global problem and effects many peoples lifes negatively in many ways. According to UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC), drug abusement is a bigger problem than people think and it will be worse in following years.

UNDOC also announced that the number of drug users will increase by %25 till 2050 and it will be a huge problem in developing countries. It is a global need to illegalize unnatural drug usage immediately to prevent the increasing of drug usage to protect peoples physical and psychological health, efficiency in work life and peace in social life.


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