Сourt system

Mediation is used from hundreds of years. ADR has grown in United State in recent years. Alternative dispute resolution is an alternative to litigation. It has many advantages. ADR processes like mediation and arbitration decrease the pressure on the overburdened court system. Alternative dispute resolution is cheaper. It imposes less cost than the court system to the parties. Cases resolved using ADR saves Government money. In this system parties can decide the individuals who will decide their dispute resolution. With the help of increasing technology ARD can be conducted online. It is called online dispute resolution (ODR).

According to many advocates ADR is superior to lawsuits and litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is faster than other system of dispute resolution. It is less expensive; hence it is very beneficial for poor people. Disputants can directly participate in ADR processes, rather than being run by lawyers, judges, and the state. In most ADR processes disputants reached at an agreement. The outcomes of this agreement increases people’s satisfaction. Integrative approach is generally used in most of the ADR processes. That’s why they are more cooperative and less competitive than adversarial court-based methods like litigation.

ADR processes generate less escalation and ill will between parties. The relationship between the disputing parties is improved by participating in an ADR process. It is a key advantage of the ADR processes. Parties continue to interact after settlement is reached, such as in child custody or labour management cases. ADR processes can be used in many fields to resolve the dispute such as commercial disputes, family Law disputes, neighbourhood disputes, discrimination complaints, health service complaints, work related complaints and many more.

One of the most important advantages is confidentiality. The reason for a dispute and the basis upon which it is resolved are kept confidential in ADR. it is a great advantage of ADR system. For example in IT industry confidentiality is very essential for the disputes over intellectual property. ADR is very convenient because parties can decide the time according to their convenience. It is a very flexible and less formal process. Multi-party disputes can be resolved easily with the help of ADR. it provides the opportunity to all the parties to be heard on all relevant issues.