Cypw Tda 2.2 1.1

The Children Act 2006 protects the individual rights of children and states that the interests of children and young people are to be taking into full considerations of a child’s welfare and safeguarding and that safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility and including the child’s health, education and development, safety, and economic circumstances. The Data Protection Act 1998 gives people the rights to view their own records and data base, both via computer and manually and also if there is any incorrect, inaccurate personal data they have to right to get the data corrected or erased as all records must be factual and accurate.

The internet is a common resource which is now easily accessible to all. It can also expose children and young people to unsuitable sites and harmful material. Children and young people are more at risk of exposure to inappropriate or criminal behaviour if they are unaware of the dangers. All schools have firewall or other types of services that block inappropriate site, so that children can’t access certain website whist in school. Some parents tent to do the same and try to also block all pop up on their computer at home Confidentiality policies Is where in any setting especially a childcare setting no member of staff should breach confidential information to anyone that it doesn’t concern.

Parents/carers will have ready access to files and records of their own children but not any other child and staff will not discuss individual children with people other than the parents/carers of that child, Information given by parents/carers to any member of staff should not be passed on to third parties and Personnel issues will remain confidential to the people involved. The setting will also follow all of the requirements of the Data Protection Act for the children’s safety.