Cybercrime Law Sample

The cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, officially recorded as Republic Act No. 10175, is a law in the Philippines approved on September 12, 2012. It aims to address legal issues concerning online interactions and the Internet in the Philippines. Among the cybercrime offenses included in the bill are cybersquatting, cybersex, child pornography, identity theft, illegal access to data and libel.

While hailed for penalizing illegal acts done via the internet that were not covered by old laws, the act has been criticized for its provision on criminalizing libel, which is perceived to be a curtailment in freedom of expression. The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is the first law in the Philippines which specifically criminalizes computer crime, which prior to the passage of the law had no strong legal precedent in Philippine jurisprudence. While laws such as the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 regulated certain computer-related activities, these laws did not provide at a legal basis for criminalizing crimes committed on a computer in general: for example, Onel de Guzman, the computer programmer charged with purportedly writing the ILOVEYOU computer worm, was ultimately not prosecuted by Philippine authorities due to lack of legal basis for him to be charged under existing Philippine laws at the time of his arrest.

Although several cybercrime-related bills were filed in the 14th and 15th congress, the Cybercrime Prevention Act in its current form is the product of House Bill No. 5808, authored by Representative Susan Yap Sulit of the second district of Tarlac and 36 other co-authors, and Senate Bill No. 2976, proposed by Senator Edgardo Angara. Both bills were passed by their respective chambers within one day of each other on June 5 and 4, 2012, respectively, shortly after the impeachment of Renato Corona, and the final version of the Act was later signed into law by President Benigno Aquino III on September 12, 2012. People wanted to make all things easy and faster. They prefer to spend money just to make things easy.

Comparing for the past few years, people’s asset in making things is through manpower but nowadays there are always machines choose to make and perform things. In the past, knowledge and skills of everyone is always used to enhance because they used it, but now, they just lie on the gadgets that instantly gives solution to every problem. Technologies are getting better and better but people are not contented with it. They still making ways and means to make the technology at its best without thinking the bad side of it. They are just thinking the benefits they can get.

The use of computer is becoming inevitably nowadays, there are many companies and institution uses modern technology in order to have a faster transaction. But technology is not only intended with the companies and institution but also to those individual who wants to know about the world of technology. And one of the common examples of technology that is used nowadays by anyone is the computer with internet connection. Through computer anyone can transact business by just clicking away, and anyone can upload, download, and post messages and view personal information of a certain person through using Facebook, twitter and other sites.

But due to the law being made by senate of the congress about Cyber crime all internet users get affected, it does not choose people even if that person is popular or just an ordinary one. Because of this law many gets affected specially those who are internet bloggers, the media and people whose world is into internet socialization. Every person should be aware about this law because it has penalties corresponding to what they do in the world of internet. Social networks is running and covering almost all people lives now.

Socialization as a whole is good but, do we need to socialize through gadgets? Actually it is nicer to mingle with people personally than by just sending message and letters. One example is the cellphone which everybody has on hands of it. The family members cannot communicate well personally because they just type and send to their love ones what they need. Sometimes or even oftentimes miscommunication is the effect of using gadgets because the messages are misinterpreted or the tone of reading is not properly used so trouble is created.

Another is the calculator which is used in computing numbers but when you don’t fully know how to used it properly this will give incorrect answer that will give trouble to everybody mind especially in the situation of the customer and store owner to the merchants, to the investors, engineers and all other duties that needs to be computed. At present, Filipinos are facing a big issue about socialization and it is the cyber-crime. With this immoral situation ruining people life an alternative idea of the government arouse and it is the cyber-crime law. It is a law prohibiting people to send and post messages through social

networks that harassed people. Anyone who is caught violating the law has a penalty depending upon how hazardous the idea he/she posted. This law is beneficial because it creates proper social interaction plus love and care since if you are against with someone idea you can talk to him freely instead of posting it to the social networking world. Confront him/her to bring peace and the good friendship back immediately. Example of the hazardous network where people can post their opinion or sometimes their feeling towards other people is the Facebook and twitter site.

In this site you can react immediately but the worst thing is everyone can see or can read the worst thing that happened in a person’s life. We need privacy everyone need privacy in life. But on the other hand, as a student, cyber crime is not a fair law to be implemented by the congress. This law stated that anyone who is caught posting embarrassing messages, may be imprison for 12 years with its provision on online libel while if someone commit rape a person may only be penalize for 3 years and that kind of crime is immoral, so where is the fairness of a law now?

This kind of law only threatens to the free expression and communication of a certain person, In general the Cyber crime law gives good results to those who wish to have private information about their life in the world of socialization. To the online business transaction for them to keep away with those hackers, to the company who wants to keep the data safe, but on one hand Cyber crime also gives disadvantages to individual because it gives limitation to their freedom of speech. We all know that we Filipino live in a democratic form of government so every individual has the right to speak his/her opinion. So why gives limitation?