Current situation

The second controversial that took the world by storm was the "David Kirby" advert a man aged forty- five on his deathbed dying from AIDS. The man has his entire family surrounding him; the man covers approximately 50% of the image. The family is crying or have deeply sad expressions on their faces. I don't think that the advert is at all controversial as it is illustrating the end of life no matter how his life ends. "Kirby's family gave Benetton permission to use the picture in their ads in hopes that it would help raise attention of the growing AIDS epidemic" Benettons hopes and efforts were persistently critisised until they were forced to remove of this image by the ASA.

The face of David Kirby is the focal point of the image and it is much lighter than the rest of the image, this could suggest that the man is currently passing over. Many people over the years have said that "David Kirby" has been digitally mastered to make him look like Jesus. I strongly disagree with this absolute preposterous claim as no living person has ever seen Jesus or have any proof that Jesus ever existed. This claim is yet another false representation of the world of which we live. In the image the two female members of the family are hugging each other they both appear to be crying but they are both undoubtedly deeply distressed by the current situation.

There are two more men on the picture, however only one is fully visible. The man of which we can see is noticeably emotional and is holding on to Kirby's head with some force. I do not feel as if I am intruding on this emotional moment as this man has killed his-self by having unprotected sex. For this reason I do not feel as if I am intruding. Although I do not give any sympathy for the man featured in the image I do oppose to the fact that this image should have been used to sell clothes. I think that the advert may have broken the "decency" law set by the ASA.

Both of the adverts were eventually terminated by the ASA, I agree with the termination of the "David Kirby" advert but not with the termination of the "Benetton Baby" advert. None of the adverts shock or disgust me as all of the situations are real life and not artificial. None of the adverts make me feel as if they should remain private. I like the " Benetton Baby" however I do not like the further two adverts. Yes I can appreciate that all of the images are photographs and not just adverts.

In the nineteen nineties Toscani released a campaign featuring inmates on the American death row. None of the images shocked me however I could no see the connection between the photographs and adverts. The title of the campaign was "Looking Death In The Face" from this it already suggests that you are looking at dead people. Toscani says "we are all still human beings until we kill them" this suggests that everybody is equal until we kill somebody then we are not equal, however just because he or she has killed somebody that dose not give us the right to kill them once we start to do this nobody is equal. The fact that the inmates are looking straight at us suggests that they are asking us an unconscious question like "why are you doing this to me" or "would you like it if I was doing this to you?" This suggests that they are challenging us, and nine time out of ten we stop and think about these questions.

I think that Benettons adverts are acceptable as photographs but as adverts they are totally unacceptable, because they have nothing to do with advertising clothes. I think that Benetton has done this for publicity possibly to advertise the company although that would not make people want to go to his stores, or simply to promote these epidemics these natural occurrences and these dreadful things that people are doing.

The adverts are partially exploitive but not at all gimmicky. I think that these adverts are designed to make us think about what we are doing to ourselves and how we could end humanity. I prefer the "Benetton Baby" to the "David Kirby" but the "Sentenced To Death" to the David Kirby" I think that all of the adverts are controversial in their own different ways for example "Benetton Baby" could offend infertile couples. The "David Kirby" could offend people with AIDS, and "sentenced To Death" could offend people with family on death row. So I can't say that ones more controversial than another, but what I can say is there all controversial in their own different way.