Crisis management

We are currently deployed throughout the region’s transit system to better protect the safety and well-being of our citizens travelling on a daily basis. We provide security and up hold the highest standards within the region. We play a significant role in implementing guidelines and procedure, and enforcing policy. We plan contingencies to minimize the potential of unwanted threats to surface on the transit lines.

Responsibilities of Key Personnel:

Transit Sergeant has the responsibility to coordinate all efforts to enhance the security within the region. Ensure that the security details are properly staffed trained and equipped. Ensure the personnel updated immediately as new information of criminal activity arises. Communication with crisis management working groups within the region, and build relationships with the local law enforcement agencies. These groups are essential in a real crisis situation.

Security Staff has the responsibility for carrying out mission dictated by the Transit Sergeant. They are to report all violations that they and take the necessary measures within policy. If there is any question that is not covered in the policy contact the Transit Sergeant for more guidance. Individuals need to be alert, in accordance with policy random checks will be set up.

Patrons bags will be searched, pat down checks will be conducted, stolen property will be investigated and seized, weapons and or any contraband will be confiscated, and if need be arrest will made. Other responsibilities include but not limited to conducting searches of the passenger cars. Security checks of the actual transit line will be inspected, to ensure personnel are not tampering with the transit line. This can be done by K-9 units, some of these K-9 have to detect explosive material compounds.

We have trained our personnel very well, and we know the importance of our responsibilities concerning services that we are providing to the transit system within our region. We hope to continue to be of service to region, and are continuously striving to enhance the security awareness, effectiveness, and security posture, by keeping abreast of current hostile techniques.