Criminalisation of politics Review Example

Today there are many ethical dilemmas going on in the world, from companies’ misuse of funding or executives’ misuse of their title. Ethical behavior has to be an important part in having a company that will survive in society. There have been many philosophers that contributed to the ethical understanding we have today. On of the most influential philosophers in history of Western philosophy is Immanuel Kant. After his father’s death in 1755 Immanuel Kant continued his degree at the University of Konigsberg and studied philosophy, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

Kant was a German philosopher that “believed that morality in all spheres of human life should be grounded in reason. His renowned “categorical imperative” held that: (1) people should act only according to maxims that they would be willing to see become universal norms (i. e. , the Golden Rule); and (2) people should never treat another human as a means to an end. ” (Dave Mote; Karl Heil) “Kant’s theory implied the necessity of trust, adherence to rules, and keeping promises” (Dave Mote; Karl Heil).

One of the major discussion points today in the news is Health Care Reform. The medical industry has had free reign for so long that an overhaul needs to be completed. Currently there are many points in the reform that are still not clear and causing confusion. Frustration will be caused between the individuals that will have to buy insurance, the companies that have to provide insurance and the insurance companies that have to provide pooling coverage.

The policies may find be found to be difficult to uphold and people may feel that it may easier to take the penalty. According to Kant’s theory reform should be revamped again to that it will benefit all participants and not exclude any others. In my opinion Kant’s theory has contributed to companies instituting polices and procedures. These policies are developed so that staff members are not treated unfairly or discriminated against as well as employees working with guidelines to be successful.

I also believe that when the company runs within ethical surroundings; management, mid and lower level employees; the company will be looked at as a place of distinction and most employees will behave and react in an ethical manner. References http://www. referenceforbusiness. com/encyclopedia/Bre-Cap/Business-Ethics. html. (Dave Mote; Karl Heil) http://www. thesunchronicle. com/articles/2010/10/11/columns/8075350. txt. (Anthony Tiatorio).