Criminal matters

The prosecutors play the most important role in the proceedings which involve criminal matters, the court depends on a prosecutor to introduce a case before it and also to guide the court by the evidence he produces before a magistrate or before a judge. Robert (2007) stated that the United Nations has put in place very good principles which are meant to guide the activities of the prosecutors to ensure that a fair system is observed in the administration of just rules.

The rules set by the United Nations state very clearly that the prosecution department should not be limited in their function by the court so that they may be in a position to discharge their duties an efficient manner. (Albert, 1998) emphasized that, independence on the part of the prosecution is very important and this explains the reason as to why the office of all the prosecutors is separated from the office and the branch of the judiciary in all jurisdictions.

The prosecutors are however answerable to the court because, though the work of the court would be to make a ruling, it is the directions of the prosecutors which influence the way in which a judgment is ruled. Prosecutors should act free from any influences, and they should avoid being corrupted by the parties in the case. If they use their powers lawfully, and within limits we would then have great results in the system of justice.

The article which was drawn during the United Nations concerned meeting stated the principles which should be applied to ensure a proper justice system. The article clearly stipulate that the prosecutors should ensure that once a case has started in court, fairness should be observed in all corners while at the same time upholding the set principles which need to be observed in the area of natural justice.

However Robert (2007) posited that prosecutors cannot achieve the justice required by themselves, there is therefore need to corporate with other key players in the system like the lawyers, the courts, the police, agents of the government, those who defend the public and any other necessary institutions. If there exists a good relationship between the prosecutor and all the other departments in the justice system then the activities carried out are going to be effective and the end result would be a realization of the justice that is so much needed.

The United nations made a declaration on the human rights which are recognized universally and stated that during any of the hearing which involve a criminal, the principles must always be observed. In the operations of the prosecutor as stated in the United Nations form of declaration, he must always presume and treat the person who is accused as innocent until the whole proceeding is done where enough evidence can be adduced to prove that the accused is guilty.

The prosecutor must also allow fair hearing of the accused whether he has legal representation or not. According to Joseph (1999) the prosecutors being at the center of ensuring the there is criminal justice must always posses the qualifications needed for them to perform their qualifications effectively. It must always be ensured that the person getting in this office has the professional requirements, and proper training on the legal matters must be provided to ensure that the prosecutors meet their challenges effectively in dealing with criminal matters.